Vignette Banners: A New Monetization Format for Your Traffic

Finding a monetization format that behaves like a native banner, has high CPM rates, and has a clean feed can be challenging. Or, at least it used to be before PropellerAds introduced Vignette banners.

Vignette banners are a superb monetization format that meets the Better Ads standards while leveraging elements from proven formats like In-Page Push’s native look and the eye-catching appeal of Popunders.

Plus, PropellerAds allows publishers to use Vignette banners with all of their monetization methods, which can increase your CTR by more than 65%. Yes, you read the right.

In this article, we’ll go over Vignette banners, and their benefits, and share some of the valuable insights PropellerAds has unveiled about this format through an in-house case study.

Defining Vignette Banners

Vignette banners are a type of banner ad that appears a few seconds after a visitor arrives on your site. These banners appear in the center of the page, feature a native look, and include a small header as well as a description. Users will also see a large, attractive CTA button and a close button as well.

Contrary to Google Vignette, this affiliate ad format appears at the beginning of the user page session. Publishers can set the vignette to appear after a custom number of seconds, giving them complete control over the ads.

This is an example of what vignette ads look like:

As you can see, these ads are extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Visitors can follow the CTA or simply close the ad and continue browsing.

US Vignette Banner Case Study

According to PropellerAds’ in-house study, Vignette ads are just as effective as popunders. Let’s take a look at the study results.

Testing Period: December 24, 2021 – January 16, 2022

Location: US

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

Result: Vignette ads outperformed in-page push notifications CTR by 65%

It’s worth noting that vignette banners performed extremely well on desktop devices. According to the study, desktop devices generate twice as many clicks as their mobile counterparts. So, this format is a must-try if most of your traffic is on the desktop.

How to add the Vignette Campaign

If you don’t have one already, the first step is to start an account with PropellerAds.

From there, the process just gets simpler. Once you log into your PropellerAds account, simply go to Sites>AddZone>Vignette Banner. And voila!

The Benefits of using a Vignette Campaign

The results of the case study we presented earlier speak for themselves, but it’s important to understand the individual benefits of Vignette banners in order to decide if this is the right type of ad for you.

Here are the biggest advantages of featuring Vignette ads on your site.

User Friendliness

The Vignette format is so user-friendly and safe in terms of UX that Google featured it for a while. That's a pretty solid endorsement.

Average CTR

The CTR of a Vignette banner is more than 60% higher than classic banner ads, so they’re super engaging compared to conventional formats.

Clean and Safe Ads

With Vignette banners, you only get safe ads – games, Google Play/AppStore applications, utilities, etc.

Higher Profitability

The fact that Vignette banners tend to outperform their projections is well-known, which means higher CPM rates for publishers. This, in turn, means that you’ll make more money without having to do more work.

Compatible with All Platforms

Vignette banners are extremely flexible, so they have great performance on both desktop and mobile. Keep in mind that Vignettes are also compatible with all OS options. This format also abides by Better Ads standards thanks to its neat delivery.

Includes an Integrated Anti-Blocker

Vignettes feature an integrated anti-AdBlock feature that allows you to make money from users that have AdBlock extensions activated.

Want to Get Started with Vignette Banners?

If you want to learn more about implementing vignette ads, get in touch with PropellerAds today.