Stronger and Stronger: PropellerAds Evolves to Multisource

PropellerAds has been in the digital advertising space for well over a decade. Since its establishment as a company back in 2011, the network has grown and evolved into one of the leaders of the affiliate marketing space.

With that in mind, it’s no secret that the PropellerAds team is obsessed with growth. This goes beyond the borders of the company, encompassing customer well-being as well. The company’s mission has always been to help media buyers scale their campaigns through innovative technologies. This hasn’t changed at all, but it’s only followed its natural course.

The team at PropellerAds has officially announced that the network is now a multisource platform. Read on to find out what it means for current and future PropellerAds clients.

PropellerAds’ Origin Story

Before going over the details of PropellerAds’ transformation into a multisource platform, let’s go back to 2011.

Once a small Popunder network, PropellerAds’ goal was always to deliver the best experience in terms of ad serving and optimization technologies for advertisers and publishers.

But, by 2017, the small network had evolved into something bigger, adding new ad formats such as Push notifications and taking other steps that would revolutionize the entire industry.

As momentum built, PropellerAds introduced In-Page Push notifications and advanced features like User Activity Targeting, Demographics and Interests Targeting, skins and badges, AI-based CPA Goal pricing model, and many more.

Now, PropellerAds is a multisource platform that offers multiple traffic sources that feature exclusive, vetted traffic through a single PropellerAds account.

The team behind PropellerAds hasn’t been shy about the excitement surrounding the multisource update. This allows traffic suppliers to find better partners in a shorter time span, which allows agencies, marketers, brands, and media buyers to skyrocket the performance of their ads to new heights.

What’s more, PropellerAds plans to expand its arsenal of traffic types, bidding models, and advertising algorithms in order to improve the audience experience and boost ad performance.

The Head of PropellerAds’ Advertisers Department, Matt Schmidt, has been very vocal about the company’s trajectory.

“We’ve been working on improvements and high-tech solutions from the very first day of PropellerAds’ existence. We started as a small Popunder network, and look where we are now!

Now we are a multisource platform with expanded advertising opportunities especially when it comes to lead generation and communication with your audience.

Our technologies allow you to work with various sources, process numerous users, and find the most relevant audience for your business. And we have more exciting innovations to present very soon!”

So, What’s a Multisource Platform?

If you’re an experienced stakeholder you probably know already, but let’s break down the meaning of a multisource platform.

In short, multisource platforms help advertising get many different types of traffic from multiple sources using the same account. This setup is ideal for advertisers who constantly need to scale and find new audiences.

Why is this Update Important?

This update is a major game-changer.

In simple terms, this seemingly small change will allow media buyers to boost their advertising efforts, reach more relevant audiences, and see better results from their scaling efforts.

As is tradition, PropellerAds is delivering top-notch service with the goal of boosting its partners’ results and overall experience. To achieve this, the platform has introduced elements like:

  • Innovative and tested traffic types and media buying strategies
  • Huge traffic volumes
  • Efficient bidding models
  • Advanced ad rotation algorithms
  • Unparalleled traffic quality and purity, backed by advanced in-house anti-fraud technology

The Reason Why PropellerAds Has Taken This Step

PropellerAds has made it clear that its main goals include:

  • Providing their partners with everything needed to scale ad campaigns
  • Incorporating new, innovative, and exclusive sources of traffic
  • Achieving maximum transparency with their partners, in all senses

The PropellerAds update means that all advertisers and media buyers can rely on the company to achieve their goals.

Not only are PropellerAds partners getting a reliable traffic source, but they are backed by a wholesome technology platform that aims to boost their profits. And, the best part is that this structure is changed regularly to deliver the best results for these entities.

Want to Find Out More?

It’s no surprise that the quality and performance of PropellerAds traffic are legendary. So, as long as the company continues to evolve, we’ll keep seeing innovative, partner-centric changes like this one.

There’s never been a better time to use PropellerAds to boost your advertising efforts. If you want to boost your monetization through multisource traffic, launch your campaign at PropellerAds today!