Payment Solution for Webmasters: Virtual Cards with Trusted BINs, No Hidden Fees, and Optimized for Collaboration

Reduced ad account bans, cost effectiveness, control over spending, flexibility, and ease of use are all reasons why you’d want to use virtual cards as opposed to working with a traditional bank. All these benefits can be found in one place - Lamanche Payments. Let’s start with the basics.

How can the quality of BINs affect your work as an affiliate?

Basically, when it comes to getting your advertising account approved, it all boils down to having a high-quality BIN. If the advertising platform sees your BIN as sketchy, they could potentially put a hold on your account. This is especially important when managing various ad accounts for different clients. Using a reputable payment provider is essential for running your ad campaigns smoothly without interruption and avoiding account bans. 

Virtual cards with trusted BINs from Lamanche Payments 

Lamanche Payments is all about providing virtual Visa, MasterCard, and Union Pay cards with 8 stable BINs specifically designed for affiliates. They make it clear that there are no hidden fees or penalties. Getting a virtual card is free, and you only pay a commission when you recharge. 

With 8 different BINs to choose from, some are more suited for certain platforms than others. These virtual cards are highly trustworthy and can be used for secure payments when advertising on a variety of platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and many more.

What else can I use Lamanche Payments for besides Facebook and Google Ads?

Their virtual cards can be utilized for a wide range of services, including paying for ads on popular platforms mentioned above such as Facebook, Google, and Bing, as well as other necessities that webmasters may require, such as proxies, domains, and other software. 

You can find a full list of guaranteed merchants by checking out all the instructions here. If you have a specific request for how to use a card, just reach out to management. They'll provide expert advice for each case and, if possible, set up new payment options for you.

Commission rates, associated to topping-up 

Their commission rates are simple and to your advantage; as your spending goes up, the commission rate goes down:

  • 4.5% - from 0 to €15,000 (starting rate)

  • 4% - from €15,001 to €50,000

  • 3.5% - from €50,001 to €100,000

  • 3% - for exceeding €100,001

The minimum deposit is $500 and with these rates, plus no extra fees for issuing, maintaining, or canceling, you can easily plan out your ad budget without stressing about any surprise charges.

The payment solution adaptable for teamwork

Honestly, working in a team isn’t always a “walk in the park”, so why not make improvements where you can? In your Lamanche Payments account, you have the ability to assign specific roles to each team member, such as team lead or buyer, and even create separate accounts with individual limits for everyone. This way, you can keep track of budgets more effectively and stay on top of the whole operation. No more beefing in the group chat or waiting on each other to pass the one company card around.

Your account in detail: Sign-up, Card Issuance, Top-Ups, and everything in between

When you're ready to take the leap, simply click Get Started on the homepage to move on to the next step.

To complete registration, you’ll need to enter some key details:

  • Your name or nickname

  • Telegram username

  • Email address

Once you hit "Submit," a manager will promptly reach out to talk about the simple rules and activate your account. This is to make sure only professionals get access, which keeps their BINs secure and reliable. Once that’s done, you'll be all set to start. Plus, they'll set up a chat with you and some payment service reps for any questions or issues you may have. What’s awesome is that they’re always a text away!

After you finish the registration process, you'll be able to top up your account, add team members, order cards, and do all sorts of cool things with them.

Funding your account

Lamanche has their very own cryptocurrency wallet “JackWallet” that all their members can use to make deposits to their accounts. When you sign up, you automatically get two wallets in USDT: TRC20 and ERC20. But if you want to add more options like TRX, ETH, USDC, LINK, or YFI, you can do it with just a click of the "Add Wallet" button. The minimum deposit is $500, and all transactions are in euros.

Here's how to add funds to your account:

  • Go to the "JackWallet" section on the menu.

  • Choose your preferred USDT network: TRC20 or ERC20.

  • If you want to use a different cryptocurrency, just click "Add Wallet" and choose from their list of 10+ options.

  • Follow the same steps as you would with any other wallet.

  • Once the funds are in your wallet, you can transfer them to your Lamanche account.

It takes a few hours to set up your JackWallet when you first join Lamanche. If you need it done quicker, just message your manager in the chat they set up for you. Keep in mind, first-bill fraud is prohibited and will result in a ban.      

Adding Team Members

To invite your team members, just head over to the "User Management" tab and hit "Add User." It's really that easy! If you have a large team, you can talk to your manager about extra features. But here's what everyone can do in this tab:

  1. Assigning roles

  2. Managing account access

  3. Making internal transfers without any commissions

Issuing virtual cards at no extra cost

Issuing a card is as easy as a few clicks. No hidden fees or monthly subscription - you only pay a minor commission per top-up. Their cards also come with 3DS for added security, and you'll receive OTPs via email automatically. But if you prefer, you can customize your security settings by turning off 3DS or choosing to receive OTPs through Telegram or SMS. It's all about giving you control and keeping your info safe.  

Unlimited cards, transparent pricing and dedicated support only at Lamanche

With their predictable pricing model you can be sure to plan a budget and stick to it. 

To sum it up, here is what Lamache Payments offers:

  • 8 rock-solid BINs of Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay;

  • As many on-demand cards as you need with no limits;

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and starting at a low recharge rate of 3%;

  • $500 minimum deposit - load up using USDT;

  • Option to turn on/off 3DS for any card;

  • Guaranteed refund of Facebook-reserved but uncharged payments on the tenth business day;

  • If after testing you feel the product is not for you, no worries. You can always cash out quickly and effortlessly for a low fee.

And best of all, their live chat support team is here for you — if there is a feature that you would like to see implemented, just reach out to them!

Final thoughts

Lamanche Payments is the go-to choice for affiliate marketers because of their reliable BINs and straightforward pricing. Their customer support rocks and they offer everything you need, from simple topping up to teamwork that just makes sense. With Lamanche, you can trust that you'll have a smooth payment experience without a middleman or any headaches.