Offer18 - Award Winning Performance Marketing Platform

Offer18 is an “Award Winning” Performance Marketing Solution for Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, and Agencies with advanced tracking capabilities. Offer18 helps digital professionals to create their own affiliate network, optimize their campaign performance, utilize every bit of their traffic sources to generate ROI using in-built advanced tools of technology. Offer18 is built not only to track and monitor but also to optimize the campaign performance. It is the most flexible SaaS platform with a market presence for a long time in Performance Marketing. Its services are more cost-effective with better features. and adding new technologies that might be lacking in your current services provider.

Offer18 is providing better services with the main focus to keep it cost-effective. Advanced features are kept updating based on the latest technology. The latest innovative features are Campaign Automation, Powerful Offer Sync API, Smart Offer, Anti-Fraud Tool, and many more. Offer18 provides eye attractive and easy to manage user- interface. Advanced targeting options enable users to use their traffic well. Smart Offer helps users to run multiple campaigns under a single offer. Advance reports view with multiple filters and eye-attracting graphics is helping users to get an overview of their performance and how they can optimize it. The leading brands are showing their trust and continuously migrating from their existing technology providers to Offer18.

Key benefits of using Offer18

1.     Dedicated interface with customization options - With eye attractive and easy to manage user- interface. Where you can customize it and give separate access to your manager through an advanced employee management option.

2.     Smart Link - Smart Offer with Re-targeting helps users to run multiple campaigns simultaneously with different targeting by sharing a single affiliate tracking link where traffic distribution and sorting order sorting depends on different targeting.

3.     Stability - Offer18 is ready to handle any amount of traffic requirements with Cloud-based global infrastructure.

4.     Campaign Automation Tool - Offer automation supports campaign management based on variations in metrics of gross and unique clicks, conversions, CR, CTR, eCPM, and many more. With this automation tool, you can stop or get notified plus it is quite easy to use.

5.     Advanced Targeting - Advanced targeting options enable you to use your traffic well. There are more than 10 targeting options are available in Offer18 including geo, operating system, and user languages. 

6.     Offer Sync API - Manually campaigns creation is a hectic task, So an automated API feature of Offer18 helps you to sync bulk offers automatically instead of manually. You can avoid extra charges of API as there are major API partners already integrated. A complete and well-documented knowledge base helps you to use this feature on your own. 

7.     Enhanced Reporting - Enhanced reporting helps you to analyze and optimize your campaign performance. There are 87+ different metrics available with eye attracting graphics.

8.     In-house Fraud Detection Tools - Detect and prevent fraudulent traffic receiving from bots without paying extra charges.

9.     Support services - Dedicated support team is available 24x7 to help you, Onboarding demo sessions also fasten the launching campaign process, Well written knowledge base available as well. 

10.     Link Checker - A Link Testing Tool to validate your campaign's redirection and lets you track every median advertiser in the campaign URL. 

11.     Complete Whitelabel Solution - You can promote your own brand using the complete white-label solution. 

Pricing model

Offer18 provides the best cost-effective pricing models. Users don’t need to pay for clicks in the conversions based plan. Its affordable pricing makes it suitable for Individual, Startup/Small Level, Medium Level, and Enterprise level businesses. Unlike other tracking platforms, you don’t need to save your credit card/debit card details while signing up for a 30-day free trial. It’s flexible pricing helps you to upgrade/downgrade your plan anytime.

Here are some basic plan details, which you can opt for after a 30-day free trial.

We can conclude that Offer18 is the best value for money and in-built with the latest technology. Offer18 users are highly satisfied with the available features. Offer18 is helping affiliate marketers to grow their business. The stability and robustness of Offer18 make it more reliable.

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