Monetize Germany and Win 10% Valentine's Bonus!

Monetize Germany and Win 10% Valentine's Bonus  

Still thinking about what valentine's present to give your sweetheart?

Take part in our contest and win a 10% Bonus! Earn money with TopOffers and give her the gift she deserves.

We propose exclusive DEU offers for top dating brands BeNaughty and NaughtyDate, and a fast growing new local brand - GibMirSex Payouts will be common for all brands:

PPL for Web platform SOI - $4

PPL for Mob platform SOI - $3.5

PPS for both Web and Mob platforms - $80 For each $5k of Germany's spend you will receive +10% bonus:

Spend - Bonus

$5k-$10k - $500

$10k-$15k -$1000

$15k-$20k - $1500

$20k-$25k - $2000

$25k-$30k - $2500

$30k-$35k - $3000

$35k-$40k - $3500

$40k-$45k - $4500

Join TopOffers and Win 10% Bonus for each $5k of Germany's spend!

This post was guest blogged by Marina from TopOffers.
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