Introducing WallAds

What is WallAds? PointClickTrack WallAdsWell, there is this virtual wall ya see..? ...And it has these squares on it. Each square represents a... Oh wait, that's right! You're an internet marketer! I don't have to talk to you like my grandma, sweet! (no offense to grandma's... they rock!) Alright ladies and gents, what we have here is our own proprietary system that we developed that gives anything from social networks, loyalty programs, online games, premium content, order checkouts, mobile apps and pretty much anything else online a way to monetize their traffic or user base by working with many of our advertisers indirectly through our WallAds service. (Phew that was a mouth-full) By utilizing our self-optimizing WallAds you can create a system that rewards your members with virtual currency or virtual gifts which in turn can be used to provide a more interactive and beneficial service to your members. Let me give you some examples... Some applications may be rewarding them tokens which can be used towards an optional discount code on a product. Or maybe a social fan base site is giving its followers a way to earn virtual bones (picks, ticks or hicks, doesn't matter!) to unlock premium exclusive content. Perhaps even a store of exclusive items which each can be virtually granted for certain virtual currency values? Shall I continue?... why not! WallAdsMaybe you're a game developer and you want a way for users to earn The Uberly Awesome-Sauce Suit of Holy Righteousness (hey, who knows?) All you have to do is mold in WallAds and let them choose a few things and before you know it, the latest noob in your game is bringing sexy back like never before in their new shiny suit …. And guess what – That made you money! Haha, let's keep this roll going! Maybe you are an 'art-eest' (insert fancy French accent) and you want to make hi-def 3D wallpapers like no one has seen before, well slap on WallAds and make yourself a way for them to earn virtual paint brushes which can be used to redeem individual wallpapers, or even a renewal of a subscription to free reign of your masterpieces. I can come up with ways to generate revenue using WallAds all day long! The options are truly endless! I encourage you to stop by and set up an account with us to test it out. If you already have an account just log in and request access to WallAds from the Tools drop down. Stop talking about doing something (I can hear your conscience!), and do it! It's all about taking that first step and acting on your ideas. WallAds is an excellent tool to help those ideas to stop bouncing around in your noggins and start walking their way to fruition. The only thing we do not work with is illegal, pirated, pornographic, or copyrighted content…. Everything else is fair game! Let's do some business, and make you some money! Ken Anglemyer, President