Interview with Steven Wu, CEO of FurtherMobi

Steven WuWe're very excited to present our 71st interview with Steven Wu, Founder & CEO of FurtherMobi.   I have worked with Steven since last year. I have to say that he is quite talented on his work and also industrious. As a CEO, he is conscientious and punctual, he can always keep pace with every changing business circumstances.Besides, He is a very professional man for he can work flexibly with high quality and efficiency. Although there are cultural conflicts when communicating with international companies, he can always handle them very well. We are so glad to work with him.He is the person who always works with passion and teach us realize how we could do it and why we should do it. As a friend of him, I dare say that he is a very nice and honest guy (honesty is the best policy). He is always being much helpful. Sometimes, we go out together for some sports or parties. He is very active all the time. In a word, he is very friendly,helpful and loyal to his friend. He is indeed the person to be a friend.  

1. Hi Steven, thanks for your time, could you introduce yourself to our readers? How old are you?

Hi reader, my name is Steven Wu, 29 years old, CEO and Founder of FurtherMobi, nice to meet you here.

 2. How did you get involved in affiliate marketing? What/Who inspired you to enter it?

Affiliate marketing is an interesting job - I love this game - full of challenges, opportunity, money and dream. When I was a junior in the university, I knew by chance and later I built some English websites to promote some offers, and fortunately I earned my first money from internet - it was amazing and exciting. The feeling, you know, I can't find a word to describe it exactly. Then I was almost crazy, fascinated by SEO and adwords. I really love affiliate marketing. Just 3 years ago I founded my own media buyer team and ran kinds of offers. We first run web offers and then focus on mobile affiliate marketing for 2 year. There's no doubt that it was an inevitable and main trend that the traffic is moving from the personal computer to the mobile device. It is because we have more business opportunities in mobile affiliate marketing that I found FurtherMobi, Now we have situated our headquarters in USA, also have office in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. It is worth mentioning that many friends gave me invaluable help, especially Alex of Inmedia. He is the first friend leading me to run the network, and teaching me lots of knowledge and experience.  

3. Tell us a little bit about FurtherMobi and what you do over there?

FurtherMobi is one of the fastest growing mobile affiliate network in advertising industry. We help advertisers increase online conversions on a performance basis and enable publishers to monetize traffic with affiliate ads. Our goal is simply to provide a trustworthy network that can generate more high quality mobile leads within a short time for advertisers, and offer our affiliates quicker payments. Our dedicated team devote ourselves to help you succeed.  

4. There are many mobile affiliate networks out there already, what makes FurtherMobi unique?

That's simple, we are also affiliates. We know the importance of quickening the capital turnover for our affiliates. So we offer weekly payments for all individual affiliates and even prepayments for networks with high payout. These all contribute to help us be the leader of this industry.  

5. One way to keep affiliates happy is to pay them on time and faster. What steps has your network taken to ensure that your affiliates will be paid on time?

Good question - we have adequate budget, our financial team work closely with our AM team everyday to ensure the commission number accurate. We send the commission out on every Friday and till now we never delay the paying for once.  

6. Do you offer bi-weekly, weekly or even daily payment? If so, how much does one have to make to qualify?

Weekly payment.  

7. What advices would you offer to an newbie affiliate who is looking to make some serious cash with mobile performance marketing?

As mentioned before, we have a media buyer team spending more than 10K$ per day to buy traffic and test offers, so we are able to collect rich data for mobile marketing. At the same time, we provide some videos aiming to help newbie earn their first money from FurtherMobi within a shorter time.  

8. What are the top 3 most critical elements to run a successful mobile campaign?

Make good landing page, get traffic from excellent traffic source and optimize promoting process. By the way, please don't use "free" to cheat the users, we must be honest.  

9. What are the top converting niches at FurtherMobi? What niches, from your experience are the best to run with mobile performance marketing?

Ring tone, game, dating, online chatting, pay per call and app-downs. As to the best niches, I think it all depends.  

10. How to be your advertiser?

To guarantee the benefit of our affiliates, we choose the advertisers seriously. Generally If you are a new advertiser in this industry, you must provide us at least 1,000 USD or three credit references to show your good faith. As a matter of fact, some poor advertisers didn't pay us with various kinds excuse, however, we still pay our affiliates if the quality of the leads was OK.  

11. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing the industry are right now? And what would you do to solve it?

As the internet world is developing fast, I think the greatest challenge is that we should find what the customers like and think what the customers think. On the other hand, the traffic source is also very important. We should find the good traffic source with high quality for our affiliates.  

12. What is the one thing you love about your job as an affiliate network owner/CEO and what is the one thing you hate the most?

I love my job cause we could help others earn money in a easy way. The thing I hate the most is that we could not let all the people join our big family - FurtherMobi and earn with us for the moment, but that is what we are trying to do. Obviously, the best-hate thing is fraudulence, and therefore we have a zero tolerance policy with fraudulence.  

13. What are your goals for 2013?

To be the NO.2 best mobile network. I believe no one could be the best, to be NO.1 network since all the mobile networks have their drawbacks in the world.  

14. How do you think about the competitive relation with other mobile networks?

FurtherMobi never seeks interests at the expense of other networks. Instead, we are striving to create win-win situation with them; in addition, we will run our own brand mobile offers soon. My aim is to build a healthful mobile-chain.  

15. Thanks a lot for this interview, we really appreciate it. If there is anything else you would like to say to the readers of now is the time!

Thanks for affpaying reads, no matter you are an affiliate or advertiser, welcome to work with us, we will make you happy! Choose us, and you will never regret.  

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