Interview: Mike Pacheco (Ndemand Affiliates)

Mike PachecoWe're very excited to present our fourth interview with Mike Pacheco of Ndemand Affiliates. Hi im Mike Pacheco Ceo and 1 of 4 partners involved in Ndemand Affiliates. I make it my personal goal to help any and all pubs earn as much money as they can by doing anything i can to help them along in their goals.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you?

Originally from cleveland, ohio my parents moved to oklahoma city, oklahoma were ive lived most of my life. Not much to do here but i think its really helped to establish me as a trustworthy and honest person, having a "go the extra mile for people" mentality. I'll be 28 this October and have been self employed since i was 21, hustlin to make my own money its the only way to go controlling how much you make or lose.

2. What was your biggest success to date?

People recognizing Ndemand Affiliates me and our team have worked hard to give our affiliates the best support we can and treat them the best we can and it feels really good when people come up to you and say thanks for the great job, it makes it all worthwhile.

3. What's the difference between a Super affiliate and an Average affiliate?

Income plain and simple, but theres nothing holding back an average affiliate from becoming a super affiliate they may just need to put in more time on testing more campaigns or whatever it may be everyone is capable of reaching there goals with hard work and determination.

4. Tell us a little bit about Ndemand Affiliates and what you do over there?

I mainly deal with advertisers bringing on offers and manage a few accounts of some pubs mainly networks but im always around to answer questions and help affiliates with issues they may have.

5. I see you are using LinkTrust as your affiliate network platform. What made you pick them instead of choosing HasOffers, DirectTrack and HitPath, etc?

We used to be on direct track but we got a lot of complaints from pubs so the company voted and switched to linktrust it had a lot of features we liked and the have the best support on issues with the software great company to work with.

6. There are already so many CPA affiliate networks out there. What makes Ndemand Affiliates different?

We try to offer our affiliates support. Anytime they need something i personally give out all my info so we can help our pubs earn the most that they possibly can. Any issue i try to respond to so there is more time available for them to focus on what they do best and make money.

7. Which offers are performing well on your network?

Edu offers do really well for us im always looking for new ones

8. What are the criteria for a marketer to be accepted at Ndemand Affiliates?

Honest and correct info, we have a strict approval process that we put each affiliate through before they are accepted into our network.

9. For those who are interested in working with you and your affiliate network - What's the best way/time to reach you?

Best way is text messages to my cell im usually on the phone and i almost always respond to texts. Heres my personal info feel free to contact me anytime: Mike Pacheco President/Ceo NDemand Affiliates Inc. Office: 877-767-3311 ext. 8 Cell: 405-618-3559 Fax: 405-242-5067 AIM: Mikepceo Skype: Mikepceo

10. What are the keys to building successful relationships between Affiliates and Affiliate Networks? What are some of the challenges of being an Affiliate Manager/Owner?

Loyalty, always be loyal and it will be returned. Dont be a price whore and jump from network to network for 5 cent pay bumps, instead develop a relationship with a few networks and give them the chance first to match the payouts.

11. If you could change one thing about the affiliate industry, what would it be?

All the shady people and there is a lot of them.

12. What are your goals in 2010?

Make a lot of people rich.

13. And finally, thank you so much, Mike, for sharing your time with us and for sharing some great insight tips here.

Much love to affiliate paying its a great site and tool for affiliates, so keep up the great work.

Many thanks to Mike Pacheco for allowing this interview! If you have any experience with Mike's Ndemand Affiliates network, please write a review for them on the Ndemand Affiliates review page. Ps. If you are an affiliate marketer, AM or Network owner and are interested in answering a few questions about you, your network and affiliate marketing, please drop us a message.
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