How you could capitalise on the CTV advertising

Connected TV, also known as CTV, is a television connected to the Internet, allowing streaming content through built-in apps. The CTV market has been on the rise for the past several years. The pandemic played a huge part in the popularity burst, almost doubling CTV viewing hours in 2020. Yet, this was only the beginning, as in July 2022, the streaming platforms outdid television; USA viewers consumed more than 190 billion minutes of content per week. With CTV sales toppling the sales charts, the platform’s rapid growth greatly skews the scales of supply and demand, providing an unoccupied niche for marketing purposes.

Currently, there are several big upsides to choosing CTVs as your main marketing platform. Let’s plunge into the deep and find out how good the deal currently is!

Profiting from CTV and why it is lucrative

The overwhelming majority of advertisers are still dead set on using social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, while others continue to pursue in-app advertising. While these niches are famously popular for being profitable, their main problem is oversaturation.

Right now, CTV marketing spend fills up only 5.5% of the market. It means that advertisers entering this field won’t have to compete as much for clicks and views, making it possible to greatly cut the ad campaign’s budget without influencing the results. However, people are starting to catch on, and the spend is expected to rise by 20% in the next three years. Analysts predict that every second household worldwide will have a connected TV by 2025, and from now on, the market will only become more attractive. This makes the present moment the best time to fill in a niche in the CTV market.

Another good point is the engagement of the viewers. Due to the nature of desktop and mobile advertising, it is far easier to disengage from the ads. On the other hand, the CTV ads are implemented right into the viewing experience, making them almost impossible to skip or avoid. This raises the viewer completion rate on CTVs to 94%, which is 20% higher than the PC rate. For advertisers, this almost guarantees that the ad will reach its intended audience.

That brings us to the next major advantage. Even though CTV marketing is a comparatively new direction, it already has a lot of tools to optimise your strategy and targeting. Focusing on a specific demographic on the CTV platform is just as easy as doing it on a PC or mobile. Combining this with the aforementioned viewer completion rate greatly raises the potential success of the ad campaign, since the chosen interested party will almost always view the ad to its end.

The final, but just as important reason to allocate your resources to CTV ads is the cost. As mentioned before, right now it is greatly influenced by the low number of advertisers choosing to capitalise on the field. Only 18% of small and medium enterprises use the opportunity to advance in the CTV market. With this, the competition basically does not exist at the moment, and it is easy to find a great deal without having to spend as much. The cost is brought even lower on account of marketing tools. Since choosing a particular group costs the advertisers less than broadcasting the ad to a broad audience, you can expect to save quite a lot of money without losing out on the profits.

The best affiliate niche for CTV marketing: social casinos

Even though the CTV market itself is a comparatively unoccupied field, it may still be hard to find a perfect offer and the exact product to advertise. However, there is one niche that simultaneously takes advantage of the CTV experience itself and can provide enormous profits. That would be the gaming industry.

The industry itself continues to develop at full speed, with an expected growth rate of 12%, reaching $435 billion in the next six years. It is one of the best paying fields with a lot of tempting offers, but we shouldn’t stop here just yet. What makes this choice especially compelling is the current blossoming of CTV gaming. Right now, CTV games take just one and a half percent of the overall CTV market, but it is projected that the CTV app industry will be worth just short of $200 billion by 2030.

What interests us the most are the social casino apps. Being chart-toppers for a hyper-casual audience, they are one of the fastest developing categories of CTV games. In terms of profit, they are just as successful as the real online gambling industry itself. But while iGaming has a long and conflicted history with availability on certain platforms and in some cases, in certain countries due to gambling laws, social casinos lack that problem. The number of social casino apps increased by 17% just between 2021 and 2022, and the genre is expected to gain even more traction as time passes. Since the apps are available on the CTVs themselves, the transition from ad to product becomes as seamless as possible, allowing for greater conversion.

Talking about exact offers, Crazino Games on Roku TV is a great example of all things mentioned above - a social casino app available on the CTV platform with a profitable CPA payout. It is a perfect offer encapsulating every benefit of using the CTV marketing platform – the genre prevalence and high viewer completion rate, along with small competitor numbers, are all the ingredients necessary for the success.


The CTV market is booming, and we can only expect more remunerative offers as time goes on. Keeping a close eye on the CTV app industry would be the wisest choice, as it is one of the most swiftly developing directions right now. The industry is still young, and grabbing the opportunity is as easy as ever.

If you want to try working with CTV offers, try working with Playcent Games – the biggest game developer on Connected TV.Best of luck!

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