Honor AdTech Trailblazers: World AdTech Day Is Here!

The adtech industry has yet to witness a dedicated celebration recognizing the daily contributions of brands, experts, clients, influencers, and affiliates in advancing digital advertising. It's time we finally make this change!

Introducing World AdTech Day (#WorldAdTechDay), a groundbreaking celebration set to launch on March 27, 2024. We are prepared to honor and commend the remarkable achievements of adtech professionals across the globe. Let's uphold as industry pioneers and unite in a celebration!

The Big Idea of The World AdTech Day

World AdTech Day embodies the transformation of advertising technology into a vast domain of expertise that requires diverse professional skills. This celebration highlights the crucial role of adtech professionals, who reinforce fruitful cross-market interactions, develop user-friendly digital products, and promote ethical online marketing practices.

On March 27, we encourage you to unite as one strong adtech community consisting of professionals, practitioners, educators, and aficionados devoted to broadening the horizons of digital advertising. From ad exchanges to affiliate programs, media buyers to RTB programmers, let's join forces to shape the future of advertising!

Ways to Celebrate World AdTech Day

What makes World AdTech Day truly special is how easy it is to participate. You can choose from any of these activities or even come up with your own:

  • Share anything related to your work process using the official #WorldAdTechDay hashtag: a team selfie, a new achievement, or a timelapse of your workday routine. Every contribution matters!

  • Showcase the official celebration logo or badge on your website, or create a social media post using the #WorldAdTechDay hashtag and branding: memes, poems, tags - if it is about adtech, it should be there!

  • Could there be a better chance to educate about adtech? Host workshops, webinars, and live streams to share your insights on adtech.

  • Strengthen connections: organize professional adtech get-togethers.

  • Celebrate innovations by highlighting unprecedented adtech solutions and campaigns.

What is the origin of World AdTech Day?

Adsterra, a global advertising network, is the driving force behind this industry-wide celebration. With a decade of experience in the market, the team recognized the need for such a conjoining event and brought it to life.

The idea of bringing together adtech professionals makes Adsterra the encourager, but not the sole leader of the celebration: everyone can host activities associated with World AdTech Day without any authorization. The goal is to inspire participation and encourage individuals to make their own contributions, thereby demonstrating support for the initiative to promote the adtech industry.

Some of the top names in the adtech industry have already stepped in to participate: RichAds, CrackRevenue, Evadav, Keitaro, MyLead, Binom, Yellana, CPV Lab Pro, Bemob, TrafficShark, and others.

Let’s rock adtech space together!

Remember to note World AdTech Day down on your calendars! We eagerly await your contribution to the inaugural celebration crafted for each and every adtech aficionado worldwide!