Free Webinar — Securing Your Profits: How to Stay in the Black Despite January Blues

This webinar is a must-see if you want to avoid January profit slumps. BeMob and Adsterra experts will band together to rock your CTRs and profits. The entrance is free!

➡️ DATE: January 17, 2022

➡️ TIME: 14:00 (GTM +0)

➡️ Bonuses for participants

Our hit-list topics to discuss

Traffic stats and facts about 2022

  • Trending verticals and geos that jazzed up the whole market
  • Affiliate skills and approaches that boosted in the last year

Your 2023 strategy: how to keep your profits chart-topping

  • The truth about VPN and the escalating Internet regulations
  • Seasonal profit boosters: events, sales, holidays
  • iGaming remastered: trending casino offers and more insights
  • Mobile app types that make money along with the hype

Ad tracking in 2023

  • Stats from affiliate campaigns: verticals and geos that rocked in 2022
  • Trending BeMob's features and perks they give
  • A mighty shift in advertising priorities 2021–2023
  • Significant conversion tracking trends for 2023

Experts on stage

  • Ruslan Mamedov, Senior Advertising Manager at Adsterra
  • Lena Starosta, Project Manager at BeMob

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