Fast track to green with Spicyoffers’ truly SmartLink!

You prepare a campaign all day, you work on the angle and creatives for your preferred traffic source. You set up the campaign and it goes live in the evening. You go to sleep.

You wake up the next morning seeing all green in your tracker! Just like that...

That’s what Spicyoffers has to offer you through their SmartLink.This is not just an offer rotator.  It will automatically optimize your campaigns by choosing offers according to several factors thanks to a single but intelligent URL.

There are 2 key parts of this exclusive technology:

  • An in-house Data Management Platform.
  • This collects, analyzes and organizes data by creating segments used for efficient targeting.

  • A proprietary performance-based technology.
  • The offer selection process is entirely automated thanks to SmartFlex. It redirects the visitor to the best performing and relevant offers according to the actual context of the visitor, meaning all known technical data like geo, device type, carrier and more. All this at scale!

Our Smart Link solution can provide you with great RPMs/eCPMs/EPCs all across the globe. All GEOs, All Language, all devices, all carriers. You can exclude specific offers from the link if you’d like to. It also manages the capping per offer, per customer and takes into account all offer restrictions, of course.

Spicyoffers affiliates saw 25% more revenue when using the SmartLink

compared to using static links and manual optimization. That’s an edge you must take!

Moreover after three; if your traffic is good and you make more than $ 1,500 a day, you can ask Spicyoffers to go into Daily Payment. No-limit in terms of cash flow which Spicyoffers!!!

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