DeepSwap Affiliate Program - Earn 20 USD per Subscriber Acquired

DeepSwap is offering the best Affiliate program. You can earn 20 USD per subscriber. If you are Blogger, Publisher, Marketer, or any individual then you definitely get benefits from DeepSwap affiliate program and make as much as you can by getting subscribers from different channels on DeepSwap tool.

As you know the world is going towards deep fake technology. So everybody is interested in deep fake tools. You will easily get more subscribers on DeepSwap. The method to join the DeepSwap Affiliate program is straightforward and explained down below.

About DeepSwap tool tool uses artificial intelligence to quickly swap faces in pictures, videos, and GIFs. This machine-learning algorithm can produce incredibly realistic face swap clips of people involved in activities they have never before done. Anyone who wants to quickly and easily creates believably deep fakes should consider using DeepSwap.

How to participate in DeepSwap Affiliate Program

To participate in DeepSwap Affiliate Program, you must have to follow the instructions below,

  1. First, you need to go to
  2. Then, you will see the DeepSwap Affiliate program page.
  3. Click on Join Now.
  4. The application for DeepSwap Affiliate Program opens. Click here for Application.
  5. You need to put your name. Your name will be used to identify your unique affiliate tracking code.
  6. Then, Put your email address. On the given email address you will get your own unique affiliate link.
  7. You will also get tracking code on your email address.
  8. In the next column, you have to choose your Affiliate type which suits you better. If your type is not in options then you can also write in front of others.
  9. Next, if you like to share any of your thoughts then write in the last column.
  10. Once done, click on submit.
  11. Then, you will get all the details on your provided email address.

Payment Method

You will get your reward money through PayPal. Papal is the most secure and widely used payment method all over the world. So everybody will get their commission quickly.

Payment Frequency

You will be paid after a 30-day billing period. That means all of your commissions accumulate in your account and after 30 days all will be sent to your PayPal account.

Minimum Withdrawal Limit

You can withdraw a minimum of 50 USD. Less than $50 will not be withdrawn. You can track your payments and commissions as well.

Commission type:

The commission type is CPA (cost per acquisition). That means the commission will be assigned after the subscriber successfully subscribed to the DeepSwap tool. You will get a $20 fix on every subscriber.

Referral Commission

Yes, you will get 5% of the referral commission as well. When a Subscriber from your affiliate link spends money on DeepSwap tool then you will also get a 5% commission.

Cookie Length

Cookie length is set for 30 days.

Contact Info

If you have any queries about DeepSwap affiliate program or Deepswap Tool. Then feel free to contact at the given email address:

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