Case Study: How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Educational Offers

I had my eye on the essay niche for a long time and after another ban of my account in FB decided to move away from the product niche and try essay. First of all, I start asking managers of different affiliate networks, I asked for examples of campaigns, good performing teasers and target audience. At this stage, immediately fell off networks that were not interested in new partners :) After my small research, I have begun selecting an audience.


By choosing audience in FB "At university", we get the following picture:  

Almost 48 million students, but if you choose 20-25 years, we get already 4.3 million. Why I don’t choose 18-19 years old teens? Because I think, they don’t have $100 for the essay. However, older students are already working and $100 for them is 1 day of work. We also can target the US universities, but the age is still 20-25 years. I decided not to divide by gender. On the one hand, it seems that the main audience is men, but on the other hand, I was not 100% sure, so I decided to test everyone. There was also one more hypothesis: try to target the emigrants. The Chinese and Arabs who study in the US are generally well off and it is sometimes difficult for them to write academic work by themselves. I did not test this hypothesis, but maybe I will do it in the future.


As you know, the better is creatives, the lower the cost per click/action. I started with a simple and excellent option, as it seemed to me then :) We need to show the benefits of the service. If you order an essay, then you will have more time to play PS or Xbox, it worked like this:  

Looking ahead, the creative showed unsatisfactory results. Another hypothesis: if you order an essay, then you will have a lot of time to relax with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Result:  

Here the result turned out slightly better, but again very expensive click almost $2. I also decided to make a classic teaser with a teacher and an incendiary inscription.  

Here the click turned out to be slightly less than $2, but the conversion to the registration was slightly worse than of other ads. The last hypothesis was to show the benefits and availability of the service humorously.  

Comparison of the price for the essay with BigMac turned out very successful. Teaser attracted the attention of students because of the burger, and the text described the service. The cost per click was less than $1, which is an excellent result. The result for the burger is as follows:  

In total, I spent nearly $ 5,000 on the campaign. In essay affiliate networks, as I understand, it's not a fact that you will get high profit right away. Here everyone earns on rebills. If you brought a student and he is satisfied with the service, he will order more and more! Now, I have the following statistics on the affiliate network: Clicks: 16446 Orders: 869 Total orders/ rebills: 254 Total income: 5904$



With the sex of the target audience, not everything is so easy :) As a result, it turned out that the conversion of women turned out to be 10% cheaper than that of men. Hope this case will help you to start working with an essay affiliate program and you will get high profit! P.S. We have prepare new Facebook banners for you. Find them here:
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