Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Success with 1win Partners

In the rapidly evolving world of online betting and gambling, affiliate marketing has emerged as a cornerstone for growth and success. The 1win Partners affiliate program, a direct advertiser established in 2017, is at the forefront of this revolution, offering lucrative opportunities for monetizing betting and gambling traffic. This article delves into the essence of 1win Partners, highlighting its unique features, how to join, maximize your advertising efforts, target optimal GEOs, and leverage top traffic sources for unparalleled success.

Overview of the Affiliate Program

1win Partners stands out as a beacon for affiliates looking to profit from the online betting and gambling industry. With a commitment to innovation and market expansion, it provides tailored solutions across Latin America, Asia, and Africa alongside continuous efforts in localization to embrace more markets globally.

Affiliate Program Features

1win Partners sets itself apart in the affiliate marketing landscape through its diverse cooperation models.  This includes Revenue Share (RS), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and Hybrid, allowing affiliates to earn from 50% in RS, negotiate individual CPA rates up to $200 based on GEO and traffic source, or select a Hybrid model for the best of both worlds. In addition, the affiliate program offers key benefits that set it apart from its competition, benefits such as:

-Earnings enhancement with a referral system for webmasters

-Extensive support for traffic monetization with a firm stance against fraudulent activities.

-Competitive payouts, rapid withdrawals, and round-the-clock support.

-Automatic account activation for immediate traffic generation

-Exclusive in-house developed games such as Lucky Jet, Speed-N-Cash

-Optimized tools offering real-time statistics

-High Lifetime Value (LTV)

-iOS & Android apps for enhanced traffic engagement

-Products localized for worldwide accessibility

These offerings, alongside high player engagement through promotions, bonuses, and widespread advertising, significantly boost global brand awareness and positions 1win Partners as a comprehensive solution for affiliate marketing success.

How to Become 1win Partners and Start Earning

Registering with 1win Partners is a breeze. All an affiliate needs to do is wait 24 hours after which a dedicated manager will be in contact. Once this is complete, affiliates can get on the platform and start driving traffic.  This accessibility ensures that both new and seasoned affiliates can quickly start earning.  All information can be monitored in the affiliate account which is comprehensive and convenient. Next let’s learn more about what your personal account will look like.

To get started with 1win Partners, first, visit the official affiliate program website. You'll need to fill out a brief form with the following details:

- Name/Nickname

- Email

- Contact Number

- Preferred Contact Method and Messenger Account

- Traffic Source and Cooperation Model (CPA or RevShare)

Once you’ve registered you can begin directing traffic. You can track all your activities through your affiliate account, which is designed for ease of use and efficiency. Let's take a look at some of its key parts:

-Dashboard: View real-time updates on clicks, registrations, deposits, and earnings, filterable by source, GEO, and link for clear insights.

-FAQ: Answers a broad spectrum of questions, with 24/7 support available via Telegram, Skype, or email for complex issues, especially withdrawal settings.

-Payouts: Payments are made weekly, with options for custom schedules. Withdraw through crypto, cards, or your preferred method.

Partners Advertising: How to Make the Most of It?

Success with 1win Partners hinges on utilizing provided tools effectively, such as individual player bonuses, creative materials, and applications. Focusing on ethical promotion and leveraging the program's support can significantly enhance campaign performance and earnings.

Optimal GEOs for Success

1win Partners offers competitive conditions across a wide array of GEOs, Latin America, Asia, Africa and many more, with specific attention to markets showing high engagement and profitability potential.

Specifically, our operations span across three main regions:

In Latin America, we target Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Columbia.


In Asia, we are active in India and Bangladesh


In Africa, our focus includes Kenya, Ivory Coast, and

Burkina Faso

Besides these key regions, we also have a presence in Canada, Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Mali, Senegal, Indonesia, Uganda and Mexico, and are expanding constantly, in order to ensure a wide-reaching and diverse market coverage.

Top Traffic Sources for 1win Partners

The program welcomes traffic from a diverse array of sources, particularly valuing those proficient in SEO and aimed at attracting high rollers. A proactive approach targeting regions and platforms where gambling and betting thrive can yield significant success.

Additionally, traffic from App Store Optimization (ASO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and influencers is highly encouraged. Leveraging these varied sources, especially where they align with audience interests in gambling and betting, can enhance your campaign's reach and effectiveness.


Join the 1win Partners community today and leverage our innovative platform for your success! Our commitment to strong partnerships and comprehensive support ensures you have everything needed to thrive in affiliate marketing. With lucrative payout models and a wide GEO focus, we're here to help you boost your earnings in betting and gambling traffic.

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Since 2017, 1win Partners has been a standout in online gambling affiliate programs as a direct advertiser, excelling in global markets like Latin America, Africa and Asia. Renowned for competitive payouts, exclusive games like Lucky Jet, and high player engagement through promotions, it offers real-time tools, flexible earning models, and instant account activation. With a focus on diversity, it serves a broad range of GEOs, ensuring partners enjoy lucrative opportunities and comprehensive support for unparalleled success in the iGaming sector.