Axad Capital adds Sam Sim to Executive Team to Helps Spearhead Development of new Adtelligence IQ Lead Lifecycle Management Platform


June 1, 2022

“Axad Capital adds Sam Sim to Executive Team to Helps Spearhead Development of new Adtelligence IQ Lead Lifecycle Management Platform”

Sam Sim, a digital advertising and marketing veteran with close to twenty years in the direct response and performance marketing space, has joined the Axad Capital executive team to help drive the development of Axad Capital’s new Adtelligence iQ platform. Adtelligence IQ is a new vision in the making and is a collaborative effort to close the gaps between industry inconsistencies as well as disclose and bring to the surface and expose the unknown and sometimes cryptic nature of performance marketing, which up until now, has been detrimental.

“I am thrilled to be part of the Axad Capital team, to help drive a vision of the future, which is transparent, optimized and well suited for our client bases”, says, Sam Sim , VP of Marketing and Business Development at Axad Capital. Adtelligence is the brainchild and love of labor of founder and CEO of Axad Capital, John Krawcyzk. “Sam will bring a new level of perspective due to his knowledge and expertise of the performance marketing industry for out team. Adtelligence IQ is our vision for the future for transparency and optimal maximization of campaign yield, which is automated. And this, we feel, will take both our company as well as industry ecosystem into to the next generation”, says John Krawcyzk, CEO of Axad Capital. Adtelligence IQ provides unique algorithms for the purposes of transparency, turnkey account management and maximized campaign yield efficiency for demand partners. In addition, its unprecedented, gamification feature, provides its partner ecosystem with an innate capacity to reward those publishers automatically, who perform the best. Adtelligence IQ is scheduled to release in subsequent versions and variations beginning Q2 of this year. The first phase IQ v.1.0 is currently available as transparent media buying ecosystem leveraging omni channel supply, encompassing cross channel, cross platform as well as multi-device support.

Axad Capital, founded in 2019 is a full-service performance marketing agency, based in New York. Axad Capital’s unique value proposition lies in its combined, full spectrum service which caters to end to end solution, encompassing lead generation, pay per call, performance lead marketing as well as transparent media buying. For more information about Adtelligence and request a prospectus, please contact (email)


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