• Interview: Owen Rupchand (AdCommunal)

    We're very excited to present our 10th interview with Owen Rupchand of AdCommunal. Hey, My name is Owen "O Dollaz" Rupchand from I am the director of media partnerships @ AdCommunal. It is my goal to h...
    2010-09-20 12:12:39
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  • Interview: Ralph Ruckman (Convert2Media)

    We're very excited to present our 9th interview with Ralph "Ruck" Ruckman of Convert2Media. Ralph "Ruck" Ruckman. I am the CEO of one of the fastest growing Affiliate Networks online as well as the C...
    2010-09-16 17:41:01
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  • Interview: Mike Krongel (COPEAC)

    We're very excited to present our 8th interview with Mike Krongel of COPEAC. Mike Krongel has over 11 years of experience pioneering and shaping the performance marketing landscape. As founder and chief architect of a...
    2010-09-13 04:26:42
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  • Interview: Craig Snyder (Lazy Profits)

    We're very excited to present our 7th interview with Craig Snyder of Lazy Profits. Craig Snyder is an online (and eventually offline) entrepreneur, stock holder, and domain investor in full stride to becoming the most...
    2010-09-07 13:04:45
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  • Interview: Mike Williams (Qwik Media)

    We're very excited to present our sixth interview with Mike Williams of Qwik Media. Mike Williams is a Managing Partner at Qwik Media, based in Victoria, BC. Mike has 6 plus years in Online Marketing and a Bachelor of...
    2010-08-30 06:57:18
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  • Interview: Brian McLevis (Envyus Media)

    We're very excited to present our fifth interview with Brian McLevis of Envyus Media. Brian McLevis' professional background is in System / Network Administration. He has a wide array of background knowledge from ent...
    2010-08-24 05:06:58
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  • Interview: Mike Pacheco (Ndemand Affiliates)

    We're very excited to present our fourth interview with Mike Pacheco of Ndemand Affiliates. Hi im Mike Pacheco Ceo and 1 of 4 partners involved in Ndemand Affiliates. I make it my personal goal to help any and all pub...
    2010-08-21 05:46:46
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  • Interview: Vito G Glazers (CPATank)

    We're very excited to present our third interview with Vito G Glazers of CPATank. Vito G Glazers is Executive Director of Incorporated Consulting LTD, Owner of CPATank Affiliate Haven, and lives between Chicago, IL an...
    2010-08-12 05:30:50
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  • Interview: Philip Shapiro (CPATrend)

    We're very excited to present our second interview with Philip Shapiro of CPATrend. Philip Shapiro is an online and offline entrepreneur, an affiliate marketer, a student, and the owner of the affiliate network CPATre...
    2010-08-08 04:54:58
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  • How Do You Get Paid And Why Does It Matter?

    As many of you know, the minimum thresholds, frequency of payments, and payment type made by affiliate networks can either attract or deter new publishers (affiliates). So it is safe to say that payment methods are an im...
    2010-08-04 03:53:13
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  • Upload your payment screenshot!

    Hello everyone, Today, we are very excited to announce a new feature called "Upload your payment screenshot". This feature allows you to upload payment proof pics you got paid from affiliate networks so other affiliat...
    2010-07-25 18:17:14
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  • Interview: Ricky Ahuja (Affiliate Venture Group)

    We're very excited to present our first interview with Ricky Ahuja of Affiliate Venture Group. Ricky Ahuja, a serial entrepreneur, is a ten year veteran of the online marketing industry and currently serving as the CE...
    2010-07-13 18:10:54
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  • Welcome to our new Site and Blog!

    Welcome to our new site and blog. The new website is beta live now! Finding a reliable CPA affiliate network is one of the most important thing before starting your affiliate business. AffiliatePay...
    2010-07-13 18:07:08
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