Offerslook Triumphantly Back from ASE 2016

July 31 to Aug 2, Affiliate Summit East 2016 was held in Marriott Marquis, NYC. As one of the world's performance marketers' biggest gathering events, it was attended by thousands of affiliates, merchants, vendors, networks and technology providers from across the globe. As a sponsor of the event, Offerslook, the leading performance marketing solution provider hailing from Hongkong, wins wide welcome and attention at the summit. "We know well if we want to pioneer in the industry, we gotta constantly listen to our customers and evolve our product and service. And that is why we went to ASE," expressed Offerslook's co-founder and VP of Product Myron Mai, "ASE gave us an amazing opportunity to connect with our clients, and their business partners as well, and hence will help us have full insight of the industry", he also added. Right before going to ASE, Offerslook has just upgraded their branding, symbolizing the company's big ambition and vision in the industry. At ASE, Offerslook also brought special offers with incredible discount to new clients, making it hard for networks at the site not to stop by and hear the Offerslook team's introduction of their smart platform. This is indeed the truth since we all know Offerslook has been widely known as the most affordable yet smart technology solution in the industry by charging only 1/3 of its peers. And Offerslook also shows us their sweet side, by preparing delicate gifts to their visitors.
Offerslook gifts— cool fans and maps of NYC
According to Offerslook, in total over 200 network and affiliates stop by their booth during the 2-day conference and most of them show strong interest in signing up to use Offerslook.
Offerslook staff demonstrating the platform to a client
Launched one year, Offerslook has emerged as the new standard of fine performance marketing software, setting new example for providing a great product to revolutionize from product design to cost model. Over 300 affiliate networks have adopted Offerslook to cut down cost, improve efficiency and boost earning capability. This may give good explanations to why they are so popular at ASE. Offerslook Offerslook is a SaaS platform for performance marketing networks to build and manage their networks. Since debut, hundreds of ad networks/affiliate networks have used Offerslook to increase their network efficiency and ROI. Offerslook is dedicated to reducing the high technology cost in the industry and making ad network management a smarter job.