How to promote a contest offer on MyLead? IncogniTOwin!

From February 6th to April 7th, IncogniTOwin! is offering a competition to our publishers. The winner of the competition will receive an iPhone 14, and the other participants will be rewarded with Amazon gift cards valued at $250, $150, and $100.

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What is the contest about?

The rules of the competition were straightforward. As a publisher, your task is to advertise the Incogni contest campaign. Publishers who generate a minimum of 5 conversions and the individual with the most leads at the end of the competition will be proclaimed the victor.

Details of the contest are available in the regulations.

Incogni | Cybersecurity

Rate: 28% | Type: CPS | Conversion type: Sale | Countries: GLOBAL | Preview: click

What exactly is Incogni?

Using Incogni to eliminate personal details collected by data brokers is a subscription-based plugin. It automatically erases user information from numerous repositories and carries out regular reviews to verify if it isn't reintroduced. Incogni constructs a list of data brokers that potentially have data concerning each subscriber, and then dispatches elimination requests to those businesses. Consequently, the inquiry arises - how and where should this service be advertised?

Incogni - ideas for campaign promotion

Publishers who do not already have an established source of traffic or an audience with regards to dating or contest campaigns may find it difficult to participate. This is why Incogni's affiliate program provides ideas to help them get involved in competitions and win prizes.

Media buying

Affiliate marketing and media buying are connected in a way that involves generating an affiliate link and developing images or banners related to the product or service being promoted. After that, those looking to advertise can either reach out to the creators of the portal they choose and come to an agreement about their creations being published, or they can opt to use an advertising network. Here are some of the networks available:


ClickAdilla provides you with the ability to design campaigns of various types including Popunder, Interstitial, Banner, In-App, Push, Video and more. It enables selection of traffic quality (All, Medium, High), categorizing of Adult/Non Adult and buying of traffic from third parties (Traffic DSP). Targeting opportunities include country, device type, browser, operating system, language and IP2 location. Additionally, you can pick the category of "Technology & Computing" if it interests you.


Registering with Zeropark gives you access to Domain, Pop and Push campaigns. One can target by location (it's vital to pick GEOs where Incogni is active), device, browser or OS. The portal enables the selection of Adult/Non-Adult traffic. It allows you to purchase traffic related to designated keywords or from a certain source.


The Clickadu advertising network allows for the setting up of a banner campaign, Push Notification, Onclick (Popunder), Video, Skim, and Instant Text Message (Dialog Ad). It gives you the ability to select your audience by connection type, device type and make, browser, and the language of the browser. is a platform tailored to Push, In-Page Push and Popunder ads. It has fewer features than the other portals, and it enables you to select the Dating/Mainstream classification. In terms of targeting, you can pick the device, OS, country, and language.

Google Display Network

GDN, i.e. the Google Display Network, is another variant of media buying. GDN allows you to display advertisements on external third party websites.

Competitor-targeted CPC ads

Large companies often face intense competition for customers, and one popular way of advertising in search results is to target users with terms related to their competition. For instance, search terms may be a brand name followed by a keyword extension, such as "[brand] opinions". The message of the advertisement is often designed to capture the attention of potential customers, like “[brand]? There is something much better. Try Incogni!” How could this be used to promote a contest? Look for data-associated platforms, and create an ad that conveys a sense of fear, such as “Do you have a Google or Facebook account? These portals may have access to your data! Remove them in minutes!”

Paid advertising in social media

A paid ad campaign on either Facebook or Instagram could be a great way to promote the contest. It is important to consider the target audience's country (which should be the same as the GEO of the contest), age (as the commission is based on sales, interests should be taken into account, which is only possible on Facebook from a certain age), and interests (such as data security, digital and ICT security, etc.). To get the most out of this strategy, select the right settings and play on the recipients' emotions. Utilize messages like "Protect yourself against data leakage" or "Put data security in the hands of specialists", or present the real value of the promoted offer (e.g. Incogni can help you regain the security, privacy and confidentiality of your information, even if it has already been exposed online).

Organic activities in social media

Organic activities include postings on the wall, within groups, or video content. Platforms for these activities range from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube, TikTok, or a variety of messaging services such as Messenger, Discord, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Drawing the attention of users with phrases like "Delete your data from the Internet", "Stop others from accessing your data", or "Concerned about what happens to your data?" can be a great way to promote digital security.

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