How to monetize traffic from Instagram

Instagram has become a top source of traffic for media buying, offering many advantages. You can leverage its vast reach and diverse audience by understanding the platform's algorithms, learning how to bypass restrictions, or working with "white" offers. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time to start.

Why Instagram is suitable for monetizing traffic?

Why exactly is Instagram so popular?

  1. Conditionally Free Traffic: You can engage in media buying without investments, utilizing various available tools.

  2. Large and Different Audience: Instagram allows you to promote any product with a balanced number of men and women of different ages, interests, and income levels.

  3. Less Strict Moderation: Compared to Facebook, Instagram has more lenient moderation, making it easier to use cloaking and other tools to bypass restrictions

  4. User Acceptance of Advertising: People are used to seeing personalized advertising. They react positively and convert well.

Promising Verticals for Instagram Media Buying

The majority of Instagram users are young and middle-aged, mostly solvent and willing to make online purchases. The following verticals are popular on this social network: 

  • Gambling - online casinos, poker, slots and any online gambling.

  • Betting - bookmakers for sports betting.

  • Nutra - health and beauty products, dietary supplements, including those in the 18+ category.

  • Dating - dating sites and applications, particularly online chat rooms.

  • Infobusiness - courses, marathons, masterclasses.

  • E-commerce - various goods from cosmetics to household appliances.

These are some of the most profitable pathways for media buying on Instagram. You can earn with any offer if you package it correctly.

How to Effectively Promote on Instagram

Instagram has restrictions on dating, gambling, tobacco, medicines, dietary supplements, and other predictable offers. Regardless of the offer or smartlink you choose, you need a well-designed account filled with high-quality creative content, compelling text, a proper "header," and a description with a link to your offer.

You can attract traffic with the help of:

  • targeted advertising;

  • advertising from bloggers;

  • massfollowing;

  • massliking;

  • activity in communities with relevant topics.

By the way, massfollowing and massliking work on Instagram like nowhere else. This is a simpler and cheaper alternative to paid advertising. Preparing or buying dozens of accounts with links that lead to different domains is desirable (or use special services). Tools for anonymity, such as proxies and antidetects, can help avoid bans.

You can create auxiliary accounts to promote your main pages through hashtags, driving targeted traffic without risking your primary accounts. If an auxiliary page gets blocked, the main page remains unaffected.

Blogger advertising can be purchased directly or on specialized exchanges. The price will depend on the size of the influencer's audience, the specifics of the offeror and the type of advertising.

You can also use targeted ads, directing users to your offer through "Read More" or "Buy" buttons. However, be cautious of strict moderation. Set up targeted ads in Facebook Ads Manager and consider using cloaking or Telegram to promote "gray" offers.

Best Affiliate Programs for Instagram Traffic

 Lospollos is one of the best affiliate networks for monetizing traffic from Instagram.

The platform has smartlinks for many top verticals. Everyone who is ready to send quality traffic from any source is welcome here. The network accepts mixed traffic from all countries. By the way, smartlinks are a great tool for monetizing traffic from social networks :)

Working with Instagram traffic takes time, and there is always a risk of losing your budget due to account blocking. It's important to follow trends, understand your audience and provide content they want to see. Start by choosing a reliable partner and a promising offer, or better yet, smartlink :)