Dolphin for Facebook: a tool for ads management and automation

Digital specialist face a lot of routine tasks and actions when working with Facebook Ads Manager and Business Manager. Unfortunately, if you don't do them, you simply won't be able to run ads aka earn.

To get rid of most of the routine, improve the quality of your results analysis and increase your income, try the Dolphin ads manager for Facebook.

What is Dolphin

Dolphin ads tool is a program for ads automation and management on Facebook. Before such tools appeared, digital professionals had to repeat the same tasks from one account to another: manually set limits, count total statistics, upload creatives to each account separately, etc.

With the Dolphin tool, thousands of affiliates and media buyers can:

  • automatically add images to hundreds of unrelated accounts,
  • create dozens of unique images from one advertising image,
  • set ads limits,
  • and much more.

What useful features does Dolphin have

All your ad accounts in one window

Affiliates who work with numerous accounts know how inconvenient it is to switch between accounts on Facebook.

In Dolphin, all accounts and cabinets are visible on the main page.

From there you can switch to any Ads Manager, Business Manager, adset or to the ad.

For example, you can easily find cabinets and ads associated with the accounts. To do this, check the box next to the account you are interested in

and go to the tab.

Convenient statistics

Media buyers and affiliate marketers know how inconvenient it is to analyze the ad statistics through Facebook tools, even within linked accounts. And if you work with dozens of accounts, you'll have to count the stats manually.

Dolphin developers have taken this into account, so you can easily check the individual statistics for a particular account, statistics for selected accounts and for all at once. To do this, just mark the desired accounts and all the information will be shown in the interface.

Randomizer of ad creatives

Often, affiliates need to run the same type of ads from different accounts. However, if you don't make each ad unique, Facebook may not let ads through.

With the Dolphin tool you can randomize your main ad image to get few without any manual work.


This is a big advantage of the Dolphin tool. If you work with many ad campaigns at a time, sometimes it's very difficult to catch the moment when the cost of some ad rises a lot, and you have to stop the displays. Unfortunately, Facebook tools don’t work as good as the should.

In Dolphin there is a special “Auto-Rules” function which, for example, can automatically notify you about the performance of your ads, turn off ads, etc.

To do this, open the “Auto-Rules” tab at the menu:

Click “Create rule”.

Step by step, set the rules you need.

Bulk import of accounts

Instead of manually loading account data into Dolphin, you can add them automatically.

Moreover, if you're uploading new accounts purchased from the stores, Dolphin will automatically verify the accounts' data.

Ability to work solo or in a team

In addition to working alone, in Dolphin you can work with your whole team. For each member, you can set the level of access to the account functions:

  • Admin sees all users' data and can change settings.
  • Team lead sees the accounts of media buyers and farmers.
  • Media buyer will only be able to see accounts of the farmers.
  • Farmers can only see accounts that they have created themselves.

This allows you to distribute levels and track the performance of each participant in a convenient format.

Such thoughtful functionality and understanding of Facebook users' needs is due to the fact that Dolphin was created by a team with extensive experience in affiliate marketing. And who better than another affiliate marketer can understand the pains of the advertising market.

Transferring an account to another user

If one of the members of the advertising account has left your team or has been blocked, from Dolphin, you can transfer control rights to another user without visiting Facebook.

Easy ways to filter and sort

In each tab there are special filters to find the needed faster. For example, these are the filters for the ad accounts:

And these are the filters for the campaigns:

You can add tags to each account for faster account search. Also, you can create notes to each account, in which you can write useful information about the account. This is convenient, because most often digital specialists kept separate documents for these purposes.

Integrating with other products

Other products can be integrated into Dolphin. For example, Keitaro and Binom trackers.

Moreover, Dolphin has another powerful and functional product – the Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser.

With this integration, you can increase your emulation level and be more like a normal user when working with numerous accounts. On top of that, Dolphin{anty} can protect your real data from parsers, websites, and fraudsters.

Compatibility with any proxy

If you are not planning to buy a separate product as an anti-detection browser, Dolphin itself can provide you a high level of emulation through the ability to change your IP address and Useragent. However, you need to buy a proxy to do this.

It is important to buy quality proxies from trusted vendors, otherwise the anti-fraud systems may see that you are changing your data and can ban your account.

By the way, the CEO of the company, Denis Zhitnyakov, recorded a video instruction on how to automate your work on Facebook with Dolphin.

The video itself is in Russian, but you can include subtitles in any language.

How secure is Dolphin

Unlike many services, Dolphin has no access to your data. This is because all data is stored on a separate private server and the data is exchanged with Facebook via a secure Access Token.

You can be sure that your data is safe and no one has access to it

How much does the Dolphin to cost

On July 2022 Dolphin has the following subscription options:

Is it possible to work without Dolphin

If you are totally satisfied with the Facebook functionality, then there’s no reason to pay for Dolphin. But, hey, do you really think, that Facebook tools are that perfect?

However, if you want to :

  • increase your efficiency
  • work with many accounts from a single device
  • see advanced statistics on your ads
  • automate most of your routine so that you can devote more time to tasks that cannot be done without your involvement,

at least test Dolphin for a couple of days. Luckily, there’s a 3-day trial and a cheap basic subscription plan, in case the trial is not enough.

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