3 Great Lead Generation Case Studies

Lead GenerationFor many businesses, the key in profitability lies in lead generation. Strategies like branding do very little in helping them reach their goals. Leads are what can be quantified into sales numbers and revenue. Acquiring leads is very straightforward for the most businesses. You market through a medium to qualify prospects and move them through the selling process. However, leads can be generated in many unique ways that can result in higher volume and cost effective prices.   Here are 3 case studies that you can learn from:   Case Study #1: How RoboForm Got High Quality Leads Through Surveys The company Siber Systems wanted to generate leads for their product RoboForm, but didn't know if something other than white papers would produce the quality of leads they were looking for. They set up a survey asking questions related to account/password management but not directly about RoboForm. After collecting the survey results, they delivered the information back to the people that completed or was interested in the survey. This added value to people that had an interest in account/password management. The only marketing that was done was making RoboForm a sponsor for the survey. What was the result? Siber Systems managed to get leads that were as valuable as leads that came in through white papers. Reference: http://www.emedia.com/resources/emedia-case-studies/   Case Study #2: BreakingPoint Generates Leads Despite The Lack of Marketing Funds BreakingPoint is a company that provides online cyber security solutions. The challenge the company had was that they were limited in their marketing budget and were targeting security professionals that didn't respond well to hard marketing. To get past both of these challenges, BreakingPoint started a blog and built a social media presence by taking part in relevant conversations. As the company built a following they regularly shared valuable content through their blogs and social media accounts. Their focus was on helping professionals address security problems rather than marketing their product as the solution. This built a relationship with their prospects and eventually, the strategy became so effective that their online lead sources attributed 55 percent their total leads.   Case Study #3: Medici Clinics Looks to Target Online Leads Medici Clinics was an established and successful cosmetic medical service group but lacked a strong online presence. To improve their online results, they decided to use both paid search as well as SEO to generate traffic. To cut down on lead costs, they focused on analyzing their traffic and optimizing all of their ads to reduce leads costs. In order to increase the quality of the leads coming in, Medici Clinics got initial leads to sign up for teleseminars. These teleseminars would deliver high quality content while educating them. All of the strategies resulted in high rankings for major search terms, higher quality leads, and more than double their initial sales lead volume over the course of year.   This case study and BreakPoint's case study shows that businesses should not focus solely on increasing sales lead volumes. It's also important to cultivate the initial leads and take a multi-pronged approach to lead generation. Hopefully, these case studies have opened your eyes to what is possible even if you do not have a big budget to work with. Sometimes it’s a matter of experimenting and testing to find out which strategies are effective in generating leads.   This post was guest blogged by Sarah Gotheridge. Sarah represents a site called http://www.monetise.co.uk. She has been writing about internet marketing for the last 3 years now.