Your guide to strategic APK monetization

— How do I boost earnings from my app?

— You’re at the right place! This article outlines a unique approach to this topic using advertising networks. Read on to discover how to bring your app’s ROI to the highest.

Showdown between IOS and Android

When it comes to app development, deciding between Android and iOS can be challenging. Each platform has its advantages. While iPhone apps often provide higher revenue, Android exceeds in other critical areas:

  • With Android holding over 70% of the global mobile OS market share (Statista), it provides a significant traffic volume advantage. 

  • For campaigns in Tier-2 and Tier-3 markets, Android is the clear winner, with dominant market shares such as 95.16% in India, 81.45% in Brazil, 77.46% in Mexico, and 74.76% in China.

  • Additionally, iOS's smaller traffic volumes mean higher competition and costs. 

This is the reason why this article will focus on Android.

Understanding Android's Ecosystem

Android offers various methods for app downloads. To catch the difference, let’s compare them to the example of trip organization.

App is like an all-inclusive tour

It’s a fully functional tool saved from app stores. APK files are compatible only with Android, and apps can be downloaded on both Android and iOS at the same time.

APK (Application Package Kit) is similar to a self-catered tour

Android supports installations from any source using .apk files. An APK is a package gathering all the necessary parts of an app, similar to a .exe file on a computer. It differs Android from IOS, where you can download apps only from the App Store.

Choosing APK Monetization Strategy

The most popular promotion options are ad networks, social media, UAC (Google Universal App Campaigns), ASO (App Store Optimization), SEO, and In-app ads. 

How to choose a monetization strategy for APK? We bet on advertising networks.

4 Benefits of Using Ad Networks for App Advertising

  1. Controlled Traffic Management

If you use Google or Facebook for promotion, the system automates and drives most processes. In the case of ad networks, you get more control over traffic optimization and jump at the opportunity to choose all the bids and configurations by yourself based on performance.

  1. High Volume Traffic

Do you have VPN offers? Or prefer Tier-1 for your campaigns? Then, advertising networks are just the ticket. They offer a more personalized approach depending on your vertical or other needs. This allows you to find the most appropriate traffic for your app, maximizing monetization potential.

  1. Stable Accounts

“Oh, a new update of Facebook policies!”, “Argh, again ban!” — these phrases we can say several times in half a year. You never know what will come from advertising giants like Instagram or Google tomorrow. And you’re always ready to change all your working combinations right away. On the other hand, ad networks provide a safe space where you can count on your campaigns and work steadily from 1 account. 

  1. Never Alone

Contacting support on platforms like Facebook or Google can be time-consuming. In contrast, ad networks offer 24/7 support from personal managers who can recommend offers suited to your traffic, advise on rates, assist in campaign optimization, and help with issues.

Take all the features above into consideration and fine-tune your APK promotion strategy! It will bring you more traffic and grow your income from apps.

Launching a Profitable APK Campaign

Now that you're aware of the advantages of using advertising networks for app monetization, select a network that fits your needs. The tricky task is to pick an ad network that provides traffic directly from website owners with NO resell or bots. Good news! We’ve found one. Galaksion brings the cleanest traffic from its own base of reliable website owners and checks it through its antifraud system. 

To maximize your APK earnings, use all Galaksion’s features:

  • CPA pricing model to pay only for conversions (+CPM, CPC);

  • a free creative base and an opportunity to test up to 10 creatives in 1 campaign;

  • wide range of targeting options: 6 ad formats, 245+ GEOs, 10+ verticals, and others;

  • Traffic Estimator to find the most suitable rates;

  • Audience Targeting tool to target your pops CPM campaigns on specific user categories;

  • Custom Rates tool to change rates in any selected campaign zones without White Lists.

Here are Galaksion’s TOP tips for driving traffic to APKs:

Top GEOs for Conversions and Tests: Aim at IN, BR, and ID for excellent results. Also, consider Asia, Latin America, and Africa in general. Find detailed statistics below.

Traffic Volumes and Rates:











































APK Refresh through Optimization

After launching your APK campaign, here are some advanced strategies to further increase your ROI:

  • Target thematic websites: Concentrate on sites with content downloads to boost results, as these align well with APK offers.

  • Competitive rates: Choose rates thoroughly to establish a foundation for future scaling.

  • A/B testing: Test various strategies to discover which ones work best. Pay extra attention to APK file names; open rates depend on them.

  • Optimize file names: To improve ad campaign success and engagement, go for native names or similar to original file names.

Reach out to your manager for additional recommendations on your particular offer!

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