Unlimited release of cards for any advertising platforms

How to get an unlimited number of trust cards for 100% attachment to any advertising platform?

AnyBill has long been recognized as a reliable supplier of cards for CPA marketing and affiliate marketing, they are trusted by tens of thousands of users around the world. But what makes them so good? What additional opportunities does their service open for users from Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America?

- AnyBill allows you to open an unlimited number of payment cards in just a few clicks;

Choose the necessary number of cards for payment and open them without any additional requirements

- No KYC and additional checks from managers;

AnyBill cares about the anonymity of its users and does not request documents and bank statements

- Trust cards are designed for work with advertising cabinets;

Constant testing and improvement of the cards work to increase the % of attachment and the duration of work, support for 3DS

- The best card usage conditions among banks and payment systems;

Free card issuance and maintenance

Commission for replenishment from only 3.5%

The first deposit is only $50

Replenishment of the balance is carried out using cryptocurrency, which allows users of the service not to interact with their country's banks, independently control their expenses and protect themselves from additional problems. And for those who do not use cryptocurrency, there is an opportunity to top up the account through a bank transfer

How to open your first card

1. Registration in AnyBill

As I wrote earlier, it takes about 10 minutes to register with AnyBill on average and does not require any additional checks, which is several times faster than any other bank in the world.

2. Issuing and working with cards

You can issue a card directly from the Dashboard or Wallet page by clicking on the Add Cards button. To do this, you need to choose the card type: Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay. Enter the card name, choose the number of cards and set the limits (total, for the month, week or day).

When you click on the Add button and have enough money on your balance, you will be taken to the tab with a list of all the cards in your account and their status. If the card is new, you will have to wait a few minutes for activation on the part of the service. Card issuance is free, and all cards support 3DS.

By clicking on the card number, you can get its details, view the list of expenses, edit the data, put the card on hold or close it. In the list of expenses, there is filtering by the status of the payment: in progress, executed, declined, etc.

Professional technical support

The service provides not only cards for work, but also helps to choose the right set-up for you, having prepared a tested ready-made solution in advance. The technical support staff have the necessary expertise in CPA marketing and affiliate marketing, which allows them not only to solve your questions related to the work of cards, but also to provide the necessary support at all stages of work.

In conclusion, it can be said that AnyBill has made a real breakthrough in CPA and Affiliate marketing among payment services, providing the first anonymous cards for their users, which significantly simplifies the usual work with traffic for us all.

Register in a couple of clicks and pay with cryptocurrency for advertising with trusted cards from AnyBill.