Trafee New Year’s Gift Raffle

This time it’s super simple:

Grand Prize + Bonus 15% + Giveaway!

Our competition takes place in four stages, in each of which the winner receives our main prize. To participate, you need to send a certain GEO traffic, the GEO changes every week, but to win, you have to try to send as much traffic as possible!

1st stage (05.12. - 11.12) FR+BG with the main prize Apple Watch

2nd stage (12.12 - 18.12) IT+SP with the main prize iPhone

3rd stage (19.12 - 25.12) AU, DE, Switz with the main prize MacBook Air

4th stage (26.12 - 01.01.2023) US+UK with the main prize MacBook Pro

In addition, every week participants who will be from 2nd to 20th place will receive a nice 15% bonus to be paid out after the round is over! You can follow your place on the leaderboard in the Reports - Competitions section

But that’s not all! After each stage, on Wednesday we will hold a raffle for our participants, which means you will be able to win one of 4 iPads. So get your traffic ready for all geos😉

Prepare your traffic and wait for the prize under the tree 🎄

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