The Insparx Affiliates Santa Claus delivers the intel on the hottest Geos & the Referral Program!

Christmas Arrived Early!!!

The Insparx Affiliates Santa Claus delivers the intel on the hottest Geos & the Referral Program!

Ready for the hottest geos? Let’s go…this one geo is as hot as the weather is cold over there! And this geo is home to the best husbands according to a recent study, which finds that men’s attitude in this country toward equality and gender roles makes them amongst the best husbands in the world, and many can be found online on our dating sites. And that geo is...Sweden! It is one of our highest paying geos with payouts going up to 15 EUR for single opt in.

Enough about the husbands, let’s talk about the girlfriends. So, which high-converting geo is home to the best girlfriends a man can wish for, for reasons we cannot disclose (wink-wink)? That geo is no other than the one and only… Italy! Several Italian female influencers have now praised C-Date.

But Italy is not alone in high conversions. Other high-converting geos include Brazil, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Ireland, and Thailand. And here, AU can earn you up to 18 EUR for double opt in lead.

And then there is the tried and true! This one delivers consistently as it is home to Insparx and the bratwurst! So it gets extra special treatment, such as TV advertising and various other PR activities...Germany!

With many single people staying away from the in-person dating scene, Online Dating is seeing a huge increase in dating spend - more than double in the case of Insparx!

So…this holiday season, give yourself the gift that keeps on giving! Sign up now to take advantage of our high payouts and conversion rates, refer a friend (new affiliate) to us and get paid 10% of their commission for first 6 months! On top of this, if your referred affiliate earns 2021 EUR in January, we will give 250 EUR to you and 250 EUR to your referral. How awesome is that?

Merry Christmas to all!

About Insparx Affiliates:

Insparx Affiliates provides marketing services to trending dating brands: C-Date, Singles50, be2 and Academic Singles.

We offer:

  • ✔   Lucrative payouts
  • ✔   Conversion rates boosted by TV advertising
  • ✔   Personal support
  • ✔   A wide range of optimized and click-strong advertising possibilities
  • ✔   Individual terms for super affiliates
  • ✔   Over 200 campaigns in 40+ geos
  • ✔   Efficient and secure tracking system
  • ✔   On-time payments
  • ✔   New! Referral program



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