Summer Sizzles with up to $1000 Cashback on Adsterra Smart CPM Campaigns

Who says summer is only meant for beaching? Adsterra is rolling out a real extra-money opportunity for advertisers this June! Optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI with their  Smart CPM feature and earn a 15% cashback on your spend. New to Adsterra? Keep on reading, there’s something for you, too!

Curious? Here’s everything you need to know:

What: Smart CPM promo for advertisers 

When: June 1 - June 30th 2024

Reward: 15% on your Smart CPM campaign spend 


1. You haven’t used Smart CPM feature for at least a month

2. Your spend on the Smart CPM campaign should be at least 100$

3. The campaign should be active for 7 days or more.

This June you have a chance to earn up to $1000 in cashback since Adsterra does not limit the number of Smart CPM campaigns you can run during the promo! Just ensure all of your campaigns meet the criteria above.

Also, don’t forget to fill out the form on Adsterra’s blog to apply for the promo! 

Why choose Adsterra’s Smart CPM?

Smart CPM is a second-price auction tool, perfect for cost optimization. It saves you money every time your bid wins!

For instance, you set a bid of $3, and competitors bid $1 and $2. You win with the highest bid but pay only $2.05 ($2 + $0.05) as it’s the second-highest price. Think of the savings you’ll have from all your campaigns!

Furthermore, Smart CPM works with all GEOs and supports various ad formats, including Adsterra’s unique Social Bar, Interstitials, In-Page Push, and Popunder.

New to Adsterra? 

If you aren’t an Adsterra user yet, keep calm, and join in! There's an additional bonus just for you.

Sign up with Adsterra, launch your first campaign using the promo code EAMUZVZS*, and get a $20 bonus for a $100 deposit. Once you receive your bonus, brush up your bidding with Smart CPM, and have your cashback!

Next steps

June lasts only 30 days, and so does Adsterra’s promo, so don’t waste any time! Get a grip on Smart CPM with the tips and advice from the experts, and find full details about the promo on Adsterra’s blog.

Cheers to extra earnings this summer!

Dive in and earn cashback!

The cashback will be credited to all participants’ accounts before July 19th, 2024

** The offer is only valid for campaigns launched via Adsterra’s SSP on prepayment terms

***This promo code is valid until June 30th, 2024 and for new advertisers only