Slogan That Represents Dynu In Media’s Vision!

Trust is our culture and value, affiliate network is our business model. We aim to create win-win relationships among advertisers, publishers, and us.” said D. founder of Dynu In Media.

For years, business is said to be fierce, sometimes considered as war - one person's gain means another person's loss. It partly shows that trust in business is quite fragile, no one readily gives trust indiscriminately.

But trust touches every area of business. It is like a small value that a business dream big needs to run smoothly, particularly the affiliate ones, where there is a need for cooperation and connection from many sides.

Uhm.. What Do We Mean When We Talk About Trust?

In our business, the team always kept in mind an orientation that: It’s not revenue that makes companies tick; it’s trust, and it's earned when actions meet words. Everyone who collaborates with Dynu In Media must receive the value they deserve.

And if you haven't read through Dynu In Media’s Untold Story, we want to emphasize once again, “Bringing together direct Media Buyers and Media Sellers to create sustainable value on both sides is not an easy task. But in Dynu In Media, we are born to handle it!”

From reality

You are an ADVERTISER, so..

You desire supreme standard publishers (and of course, quantity) that fit your field,

You unexpectedly discover tons of poor-quality traffic and scam out there,

You have a headache since you can’t control who has permission to display your ads,

You need a transparent workflow from your partners,

You want all creatives to be on your terms and conditions,

You frankly need a hi-tech platform that integrates all the features needed for an affiliate campaign (of course, Anti-Fraud Technologies include).

You are an AFFILIATE, and..

You are worried because there is no one to guide and give you solutions when you’re in trouble in each campaign,

You are concerned about offers' quality, quantity, and even commission,

You wanna access to thousands of hot profitable campaigns with high conversion,

You are afraid of missing the latest information about verticals and offers,

You are troubled about not having an assurance of payments,

You are unable to manage your performance perceptively with quick stats (Visual real-time report).

You cannot prevent your traffic from being revealed to be fraud.

Hey friends,

We know what it's like to be an Advertiser!

We also know what it's like to be a Publisher!

We understand that you have a lot on your plate, and you don't have time for the hassle of dealing with fraud or scams in affiliate marketing. That's why we exist.

Dynu In Media is now changing the game!

To real business values

You know what, if we could list your pain points, then of course, we have a solution to deal with them. We are here to do it.

With a mission:

We want to build a brand that delivers real value to our clients in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

We work towards a clear, professional procedure, in combination with providing direct and competitive campaigns to create sustainable value.

We commit to striving and taking responsibility to deliver the best business achievement for our clients and partners.”

And YES, We are trying to attract you with sincerity and transparency. We are willing to show you all we have.

You don't always need to be on the defensive, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, and see what happens.

GIVE YOUR TRUST - GET YOUR VALUE” won’t stop at just our slogan.

We are willing to continuously improve ourselves and our service to establish a trustworthy long-lasting partnership with our partners.

So, Hey the affiliate world, we are on the way to conquering you. Partnering with us to fill your highest ROI now!!