🔥 Rize Ads' Dedicated Budget transforms Affiliate Marketing hassles into Profit

Rize Ads, a premium affiliate network, works as a middleman for people who want to sell things online and those who want to advertise. They help them connect quickly on platforms like Facebook and Google Ads for good results. The platform has all the tools needed, including AI and automatic searches to make things easy for sellers.

This summer, Rize Ads introduced something neat called a "dedicated advertising budget" that is expected to help sellers save money and focus more on getting good results, giving them extra support to do well without spending too much. But how does it work exactly and what are the benefits?

Why do affiliates need a "dedicated budget," and how does it change things in affiliate marketing?

In the realm of Rize Ads, a hub for online selling, affiliates (sellers) and advertisers (promoters) access a toolkit of features. They can integrate with platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, leverage AI for refined ads, and utilize essential tools.Notably, the platform efficiently identifies suitable partners or offers, eliminating the need for extensive searches and negotiations.

Financial management poses a challenge, particularly in the domain of affiliate marketing.

The introduction of a "dedicated budget" stands as a strategic solution. It streamlines the affiliate's workflow, allowing them to concentrate on strategic initiatives rather than grappling with financial concerns. For advertisers, this means pursuing objectives without the encumbrance of budget constraints.

Why implement such a feature? According to Andrei Josu, Rize Ads' CEO, "Affiliates often invest personal funds into ads, hoping for a profitable return. This poses risks and consumes time. Thus, we've introduced the concept of a dedicated advertising budget upfront. This empowers affiliates to work confidently, achieve their goals, and generate profits along the way." It's a calculated move to navigate the intricacies of affiliate marketing.

How does working with a dedicated budget unfold?

Affiliates receive a budget within the platform to launch advertising for the offers they've approved. Consequently, publishers don't spend a single cent on advertising expenses; Rize Ads covers it. This provides them with the ability to work securely and swiftly, concentrating on achieving results, building long-term partnerships, and earning high


On the other hand, advertisers engage with the platform as a kind of advertising agency.Brands don't risk allocating their funds into the void, as the system not only selects affiliates based on their precise requirements but also allocates a budget for launching advertising campaigns.

Not just a feature: results in numbers

The dedicated budget emerged as a “killer feature” for everyone connected to the platform. Advertising spending among partners increased by 6% during the summer of 2023 and by 23% since the update's launch. Andrei Josu, CEO of Rize Ads, adds, "It's like a well-organized system where you just need to bring your best, plan effectively, do what you do best, and watch your profits grow. This also gives you more time to optimize your most profitable ads for even greater earnings down the road."

🚀 Rize Ads is not just a network; it's a place to work smarter, faster, and achieve results more efficiently. It's a platform for those who want to automate their work to the maximum while establishing secure and transparent partnerships with brands. The network already boasts 500 affiliates with access to over 270 offers. And every day, the network welcomes new specialists eager to change and, most importantly, simplify the world of affiliate marketing.