Launch Push & Pop Ad Campaigns with RichAds High-Quality Traffic

Today the world of affiliate marketing is very dynamic and mutable. The efficiency of advertising channels is constantly changing. While searching for converting traffic sources, many affiliates want to connect high-quality traffic and massive volumes to scale.

Push and pop traffic fully satisfy these requirements. RichAds global self-serve ad platform maximizes your profits thanks to high-quality traffic, volumes, and features to scale to the moon.

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High-performing advertising formats

The power of RichAds formats helps to capture new leads from premium sources.

● Push

RichAds Push Traffic ensures 100% visibility and 4B impressions in 220 countries of all Tiers. CPC at RichAds starts from $0.003. Personal-like notifications or alerts are similar to 1-to-1 messages on the user’s screen.

● Pop format is a perfect option for newbies: it’s easy to launch, has the lowest bid price, and has the widest outreach. RichAds sell pop traffic by the CPM model (it means that you pay for 1000 impressions with $0.3 minimum CPM). Popunders are perfect for newbies as this format doesn’t require preparing creatives.

Top verticals and GEOs

RichAds allows launching campaigns all over the world (220 countries of all Tiers).

The top GEOs are India, Indonesia, Brazil, the United States, Poland, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Pakistan.

Push & pop traffic work the most effectively with broad verticals interesting for huge audiences. Below you will find top RichAds verticals for 2021:

  • Antiviruses
  • Utilities (cleaners)
  • Crypto
  • Gambling
  • Betting
  • Sweepstakes
  • Nutra

Feature-rich advertising platform

RichAds top features help to be on the cutting-edge of performance advertising.

● Automated optimization.

RichAds advertisers use multiple features for automatic optimization (Automated rules, Micro bidding, Smart CPC, and Target CPA). Manage your campaigns, saving time and money. Blacklist unprofitable sources, increase or decrease bids according to the performance, pause ineffective creatives, etc.

● Premium sources.

In RichAds, all the sources are divided into a few groups according to their performance (Premium, Standard, New, and Remnant). Premium sources show 2.5x higher conversion. These sources are perfect for start and scaling with the best results.

● Engaged clicks.

These are micro-conversions as parts of the main conversion like deposits. The engagement rates of sources are directly related to future conversions.

● Dynamic creatives.

Make testing of your creatives 10 times more effective. This feature will automatically mix all the creatives and find the perfect combination for your particular campaign.

● 10 minutes approval.

If you want to quickly test a new traffic source, you will likely choose the source with fast and precise approval. RichAds moderation specialists approve campaigns as fast as possible but no longer than 10 minutes.

Made for professionals but newbie-friendly

It doesn’t matter you are a seasoned media buying pro or just start your way in affiliate marketing. You will find your budgets and volumes in RichAds.

Three groups of customers can benefit from RichAds.

● Pros

These users will definitely like API access, advanced targeting, Automated rules feature, and creative support.

● Agencies

Special agency support, wire payments, and fully managed campaigns will allow saving time and scaling.

● Newbies

Those who only start learning affiliate marketing can start and test, easily even with a small budget. You can a/b test a few creatives in one campaign and get the first data as fast as possible.

What do the industry leaders say about RichAds?

“RichAds is a great place to scale your campaigns. They have very helpful staff who can give you good whitelists, and help you with what verticals work and how to optimize your campaigns. Best of all, unlike Facebook, you don't have to worry about getting banned!”


Affiliate Marketing Expert and Blogger

“Working with RichAds interface was a breeze as the campaign manager works well, has a ton of targeting options and you can split test up to 10 creatives easily. After testing RichAds for a few weeks, I can say it’s a good network to get scale and test your campaigns. I like the features they have to test with fresh users and the smart CPA goal that optimizes your campaign for you once you get enough data”.

Servando Silva

Affiliate Marketing Expert and Blogger

“RichAds is one of my favourite pop traffic sources because of their awesome auto optimization feature for creating a campaign whitelist/blacklist”.

Luke Kling

Affiliate Marketing Expert, Admin at AffLIFT forum

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