iGaming grows too fast. Attend BET London iGaming Expo to catch up!

Global gambling show BET London iGaming Expo 2020 will take a place on 7-9 April at an iconic Old Billingsgate venue.

One venue, two-day show, twelve hours of useful information based on real cases and insights for everyone. Whether you are an expert or enthusiastic beginner - seize an opportunity to join.

Mix Biz with Pleasure

BET London iGaming Expo 2020 is not just the traditional event: conference and exhibition, but a unique entertainment show program as well.

It is a platform for those who are looking for the best environment to conclude new business partnership.

Join more than 2500 iGaming experts from all over the world to understand the future of such a fast-growing market. The occasion will unite experienced specialists in gambling sphere and representatives of world-renowned companies working with affiliate marketing.

All you need to know in just 12 hours

The event will gather over 30 speakers from every corner of the world to discuss where and how the industry is developing today.

The conference agenda covers all the segments and verticals of the industry. Essentially the event has two global aims: unveil the industry pitfalls and understand the future of a rapidly-growing market. We will identify and put together the segments of allied technologies (Blockchain, AI, VR) laying the foundations of a new generation of online gambling. All of these and more will be covered in six blocks:

  • Real cases. Marketing power
  • Pitfalls of law. Evolution of business solutions (legalization, payments, GEO challenges)
  • Future of gambling industry. Innovative profitable technologies
  • The latest insights from Software Development World. Unveil customer experience
  • LatAm: The sleeping giant
  • Affiliate marketing. The evolution!

Don’t miss the chance to listen to star speaker John Lefebvre. A Neteller founder will speak after a long time being out of the public eye.

The detailed agenda is available on the website.

BET2020 is the house of your allies.

If you are willing to expand the business and open mind to the latest insights - as well as to find new partners, or you can just have fun at the parties - you can do everything you want! Because BET London iGaming Expo 2020 offers you the best opportunities to join a gambling hangout.

For a start, let's see the unique offers prepared for affiliates, operators and webmasters:

1. Organisers are pleased to provide you with Free tickets, including a pass to the preparty, poker tournament and afterparty. Note: The networking and VIP zone will be open for the two days of the event!

2. The possibility to present your company to the most relevant audience through BET2020 marketing channels: logo placement with a clickable link and inclusion in partners' promotion!

3. Seize an opportunity to increase brand awareness through participation at the expo. The flexible price will be until February 14.

4. Learn all about referral cooperation system special for you. We appreciate your time and want to take it in the most beneficial for both parties way!

Forget the formalities!

The BET iGaming Expo is all about the unique vibe of informal networking. As a gathering of iGaming enthusiasts, the event has all the means you might need for efficient networking: Preparty, Networking zone, VIP zone, Poker tournament, Afterparty.

While hanging out with the like-minded fellows, it is your chance to find investors, make great deals and discuss further cooperation in a cozy atmosphere.

Attend the BET London iGaming Expo 2020 to witness the evolution of the industry and be a part of it! Join and stand out!