How good are CrakRevenue Smartlinks

Behind every Smartlink, there is a level of tech that pairs the right user, device, and geo to an offer that matches.

Our Dating Smartlinks are some of the best in the industry, offering some of the highest conversion rates out there. We just could not leave it well enough alone though. We knew that we could make our Smartlinks even smarter.

Smartlinks 2.0

As it stands we offer a Smartlink intelligence based on device, geos, and sometimes demographics (age, gender, etc).

All affiliates would agree that a person who clicks a link from a chat bubble does not convert the same as someone clicking a banner ad. So, we are rolling out a whole new level of intelligence to our Smartlinks that now looks at traffic type.

“After analyzing traffic sources, we realized that traffic specific to different browsing flows were behaving in a unique way. Traffic coming from pop-unders did not have the same purchase behavior as banner based traffic. We wanted to offer a new lean layer of personalization by optimizing for traffic specific to these entry flows.”, Derek Paquet, Project Manager, CrakRevenue

Our Smartlinks will now take flow into account when pointing traffic to an offer. Our first rollout is on our Adult Smartlink Dating links.

Get Started now!

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Lucky CrakRevenue affiliates can start integrating these links now by following these easy steps.

1. Sign up to the CrakRevenue platform in the dashboard

2. Visit offer 3785

3. Click on "All available landings"

4. Choose a link that best matches your traffic type

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