How can SmartLink help you make money?

Smartlink is a tool that saves traffic buyers time. Smartlinks are not tied to a specific offer, as they can be bundled with hundreds of offers for a completely diverse public. When a user clicks on such a link, they are sent to a landing page with an offer that will be potentially interesting. This is a great way to monetize all your traffic.

How does it work?

A traffic distribution system, TDS, provides the Smartlink operating mechanism. This algorithm analyzes the user's data who clicked on the advertisement and instantly redirects them to the offer, which is most likely to result in a conversion for a traffic buyer.

The traffic is analyzed in a split second according to key technical parameters:

  • GEO (country, region, city);
  • IP address;
  • type of Internet connection;
  • operating system;
  • browser;
  • type of device.

Even if, for some reason or other, the most suitable offer is disabled, or if the payments have reached the established limit, the Smartlink will direct the user to the next most relevant one. So traffic will be utilized as much as possible.

Verticals for Smartlink

Smartlinks are found in different verticals: gambling, crypto, finance, sweepstakes, betting, and sometimes in e-commerce. However, the best results are to be found in dating. Almost any traffic is suitable for the online dating vertical. There is a large selection of GEO and, most often, a simple target action (registration). It's much easier to attract users with forbidden topics rather than with a product or a discount. So dating is unlikely ever to stop being a profitable vertical.

From where can I direct traffic onto a Smartlink?

You can channel traffic onto "Smartlinks" from anywhere, which is another huge plus when using this tool. But you need to assess the rationality of your choice. It might not be worth the effort to buy accounts on Facebook and TikTok. If you don't have your own platform that can be monetized, you can buy inexpensive and high-quality push traffic and merge it into a Smartlink with the same success!

You can use a single link in all advertising campaigns, and you don't have to waste time searching for offers.

What tasks can a Smartlink perform?

Smartlink — it’s a tool that makes working easy and reduces the effort.

- First, the media buyer doesn't need to segment the audience and target individual users.

- Secondly, a Smartlink is an ideal way to monetize. For example, you can send trafficback to a Smartlink (traffic that the partner program has not accepted for some reason). Or users who left the main offer landing page and didn't bring a conversion.

Smartlinks appeared in response to the need to segment the audience and personalize advertising to achieve maximum conversion. There couldn't be any other way in the era of global automation! All routine tasks can be resolved by artificial intelligence while affiliates are looking for new sites and developing new strategies. There are a lot of advantages to this tool. You don't need to spend time searching for a good offer, budget for testing costs, pay for a TDS tracker and set up targeting.

If you have mixed traffic and want to monetize it with Smartlink, join LosPollos and start earning ;)

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