Getting Access to Google Ads Agency Accounts Through The YeezyPay Service

Today, we'll talk about YeezyPay, a user-friendly service for affiliate marketers that gives you access to trusted agency accounts on Google Ads. These agency accounts let you direct traffic from Google, reducing the chances of getting banned or facing restrictions.

Due to the complexities of setting up and the increasing demands of the Google Ads platform, many affiliates are exploring alternatives like Facebook and TikTok. 

However, YeezyPay provides affiliate marketers of all types with the ability to drive traffic to various niches through Google Ads, minimizing the risk of bans and freezes that can hinder your growth when using standard accounts. But let's start from the beginning.

What's wrong with Google Ads?

Google Ads keeps tightening its rules and introducing new restrictions, aiming to maintain a high-quality advertising environment. However, these measures unintentionally create obstacles for affiliate marketers, including:

  • Limited payment options: You can only fund your account using specific bank or debit cards, and not all cards are suitable due to bank location restrictions.

  • Frequent bans and restrictions: Frequent account bans force you to create new profiles continuously, which leads to optimization losses and limits your scaling potential.

  • Geo-restrictions: Some countries face Google's traffic bans, severely restricting your targeting options.

  • Increasing complexity of setup: Managing ads on Google becomes increasingly challenging due to the growing number of settings and parameters, especially for solo affiliates and small teams.

In practice, this means that when working with Google Ads, you end up spending a lot of time and effort bypassing restrictions and bans, rather than focusing on testing and expanding your advertising campaigns.

Benefits of agency accounts

There are two types of Google Ads accounts: individual and agency accounts. Individual accounts are managed directly by the account owner, while agency accounts are handled by Google Partners-verified agencies. Agency accounts offer several advantages over individual ones, including:

  • Lower ban risk: Agency accounts significantly reduce the risk of your ad campaigns being suspended, making it easier to spend more, scale your operations, and optimize effectively.

  • Increased spending limits: With agency accounts, you can invest larger budgets in your ad campaigns, increasing your profitability.

  • Reduced freeze risk: These accounts help you avoid situations where your ad campaigns are approved and configured, but Google doesn't display them to your target audience.

  • Working with niches like gambling and dating: Thanks to their trusted status with Google Ads, affiliate marketers can even explore niches like gambling, dating, and nutra.

Why YeezyPay?

YeezyPay is a service that provides both individual affiliates and teams with access to trusted Google Ads agency accounts. The service offers flexibility in funding your advertising account balance, accepting various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, bank transfers, and more. Its key benefits include:

  • Easy access to agency accounts: You don't need to create new accounts from scratch. You can access high-limit accounts with just a few clicks.

  • Low entry threshold: You can start with a minimal deposit of only $200, which is advantageous for solo affiliates compared to competitors who may require $500.

  • No VAT: YeezyPay helps you save up to 20% on VAT because agency accounts are registered in tax-friendly jurisdictions.

  • Budget protection: If your account gets banned, you can withdraw your remaining balance using a convenient method.

  • Personal support: YeezyPay provides account managers to assist with setup and answer your questions.

  • Unlimited account creation: Create as many accounts as needed to cover various niches, but keep an eye on your ads compliance and account ban rates. Agency accounts aren't a universal fix.

All these key features make YeezyPay a valuable tool for affiliate marketers, simplifying their experience with Google Ads and addressing many common challenges.

How to get started with YeezyPay?

The registration process is straightforward and quick, requiring only a Telegram profile, an email address, and 15 minutes of your time. Here's a step-by-step guide to the YeezyPay registration process:

  1. Visit the YeezyPay website and scroll down to find the "Sign Up Now!" button.

  1. Click the button and follow the Telegram invitation that appears.

  1. In the Telegram bot, click "Send Message" to initiate a dialogue.

  1. After clicking "Start," you'll receive a link to access your personal account.

  1. You can customize and personalize your personal account as you want.

  1. To get started, fund your account using your preferred payment method.

  1. After topping up, you can access your Google Ads agency account in the appropriate section.

  1. After adding the funds, access your Google Ads agency account in the appropriate section by selecting the desired amount (minimum $200) and clicking "Add." You'll receive an account link via email after payment.

This process is much simpler than dealing with Google Ads directly, thanks to YeezyPay. You gain access to an account that has already passed Google's strict approval process, granting it agency account status. This eliminates the need to create Google Ads accounts from scratch while ensuring they meet all the necessary requirements.


Google Ads remains a popular source of high-quality advertising traffic. YeezyPay simplifies the experience for affiliate marketers by offering VAT exemption, diverse payment methods, reduced ban risk, the ability to withdraw funds post-ban, and consistent support. 

With a deposit as low as $200 and a registration process that takes less than half an hour, affiliate marketers can access trusted Google Ads agency accounts, launch advertising campaigns, and scale them without dealing with complex infrastructure like proxies and the like.