Fintech, India, Facebook and landings or how I earned >$4K for 2 months.


Hello to the arbitrage community!

My name is Yuri, I am a solo arbitrageur working with a small team of contractors. I would like to share a case study along with a review of working with GETPROFIT, the official affiliate program of the ExpertOption trading platform.

I have tried working with numerous offers: betting, gambling, nutra, e-com and dating, but now Iโ€™ve settled on GETPROFIT, the reason being:

1) Big CPA bids.

2) Stable payments bi-monthly.

3) Quick response time from support on any questions (special respect to Alex Solod).

4) Excellent cabinet interface and functionality, which is ideal for monitoring key stats by parameters like: GEO, date, trader, etc.

5) The Cabinet provides a variety of high-quality creatives.

6) Help with promo trading accounts.

7) Wide range of GEOs.

Traffic Flow and Calculations

Let's look at an active period of my traffic campaigns between May 27-July 29 2022:

I'm driving traffic into India. This GEO attracted me with quite a low CPM, a big CPA payout and excellent output stats. Below is a screenshot of some of my ad campaigns on FB ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป P.S. Apologies for the Russian text on the screenshot, I donโ€™t have the English version.

I drive traffic from Facebook to the web version of the platform through landings.

I'll tell you right away, at the time of the promotion there were issues with payments in India. Therefore, I immediately indicated which payment systems were best to use, and which to avoid on the pre-land. Of course, part of the traffic fell away at this stage, but more deposits came, so long as the right payment method was used to deposit. I used a free google site as a pre-land, in the EO style and provided reminders about the bonuses traders could get within an hour of their first deposit.

I was mostly using the video format for my creatives. I reached out to Indians with expensive cars or motorcycles (for them it also works very well), and tried to get them to record a certain creative with clear technical tasks. In addition, the videos which clearly featured the emotions of people performed very well. Now, I will show you the videos that brought the best conversions, by the example of those that were provided to me by GETPROFIT managers upon request:

What about the stats in the partner program itself and ROI? Take a look at the screenshot and the calculations below:

1) From the FB screenshot above, we can understand the cost of one of the Ad Cabinets:

AC-1 - 49,530 impressions for $1.4 CPM comes out at $69.34

AC-2 - 75,240 impressions for $2.2 CPM comes out at $165.52

AC-3 - 17,583 impressions for $1.76 CPM comes out at $30.94

AC-4 - 28 904 impressions for $1.54 CPM comes out to $44.51

So in total I spent $310.31 on all 4 Ad Campaigns in this Ad Cabinet.

Naturally, I have more FB Ad Cabs (I decided not to attach all of them). I can say that in total for all the cabinets for the same period and with the same traffic flow, I spent $6,113.

Now let's look at the stats from the affiliate program:

2) According to the screenshot from the affiliate stats, we can extract the following conclusions:

CR% from registration to deposit is awesome (1652 registrations worked out as 205 depositors) - 12.41%.

Quantity of FTD for the promotion period - 205, and my CPA bid was $50.

205*$50 = $10,250 CPA payout.

3) End result:

Spent - $6,113

Gained - $10,250 (that's not including the traders who will deposit later, which I always have)

Net Profit = $10,250 - $6,113 = $4,137

ROI: 67.67% - Pretty good, right?

Tips and Conclusions

Don't chase cheap creatives, pay more attention to how much FTD comes out of it, not clicks or regs. I also recommend testing creatives not only in English, but also in Hindi (if you look at India).

I suggest parsing the audience and retargeting those who clicked on the creative but didn't make the deposit. This way you can reap 100% of the benefits from your audience.

In general, I can certainly recommend this offer to everyone, there are plenty of conversions and lots of money!