Finally, hassle-free ad campaign spending

Whether you are working solo or for an agency, if you’ve ever dealt with ads, you must have run into payment issues. “Suspicious payment activity” and “This card is already connected to an account,” and “Your bank is not supported.” Is your eye twitching yet? The amount of time and money wasted and the unnecessary stress caused by the flawed payment system is truly painful. However, the world does not agree with such agony, and now there is an answer!

A service called Leading Cards offers a solution by providing high-quality Credit and Debit card BINs that meet the requirements of any advertising platform you choose to use. This means that you will always have available bins and can conveniently store and manage all your cards in one place.

What more do Leading Cards offer?

  • 12+ issuers for different GEOs so you can be sure you are suitable for every location
  • The ability to issue cards whenever
  • Cards in three different currencies depending on your ad spend needs - USD, EUR, or GBP
  • Easy to top up wallet with multiple payment methods.
  • A fraud team that works 24/7 to keep your money safe
  • Knowledgeable tech support that makes sure you receive timely help wherever you are
  • Convenient access to the platform from any device, so you can manage your cards even on the go.

All together the service saves you thousands of hours not only on sourcing and funding cards but also on support waiting times, time zone issues and cross-platform management hiccups. And as we all know, time = money, that you can spend on ads instead of payment hassle.

Running to register yet? Here’s how you do it:

  1. Contact the Leading Cards team via Telegram or Skype to open a wallet.
  2. Deposit funds to your wallet via one of many convenient payment methods.
  3. Issue a card and choose the GEO & platform you will be using the card for.
  4. Get your Advertisement premium credit card and start spending.

That’s it!

To make this sweet deal even sweeter - you can use our promo code ‘AFFPAY’ to get a bundle of 3 virtual cards for free.


Stay tuned!