Determining the Target Audience for Dating Offers

Working with an offer begins with identifying the target audience. When an affiliate knows who is interested in their product, they've already achieved half of the success.

Understanding the target audience in the dating vertical allows you to create more personalized creatives for improved interaction with potential leads and avoid wasting your budget on untargeted traffic.

Last year, there were 366 million users of online dating services, and by 2027, this number is projected to reach 440 million. The United States tops the list, with 24.1% showing the most interest, followed by the British at 18.7%. Belgians hold the third position with 16%. 

What Constitutes Dating?

Online dating caters to individuals' natural needs. Depending on the issue a dating offer addresses, the entire dating market can be categorized into three major groups:

-        Online Dating – platforms where people connect for casual and easy communication.

-        Casual Dating – services designed to find potential partners.

-     Matchmaking – platforms for individuals seeking serious relationships.

Furthermore, niche dating has emerged as a notable trend, with developers creating increasingly personalized products. Applications are entering the market to cater not only to specific races and sexual orientations but also to unique formats, such as gamified dating (e.g., platforms that facilitate voice-based selection or chat roulettes). 

Who Uses Online Dating?

The male audience on online dating sites includes:

-        shy individuals and men who lack the confidence to meet people in person.

-    successful and accomplished men, who receive significant attention from women on dating services.

-        men who seek to expand their social circle and gain popularity through related channels

-        pickup artists who hone their skills online and often rely on templates and scripts;

-     touring performers, who frequently move between cities, alter their profile information or create new profiles. They generally aren't seeking serious relationships and may disappear or delete their profiles abruptly.


Women want to meet people online just as much as men:

-        single mothers, who may have limited opportunities to meet a life partner offline;

-        novice bloggers who are gathering followers;

-       individuals actively seeking serious relationships. Although they represent a smaller portion, they meticulously assess profiles.

-        ghost profiles, whose owners engage actively, make future plans with their conversational partners, and may suddenly vanish from the site the next day. 

Dating remains one of the most popular verticals with substantial growth potential in the years ahead. To generate substantial income in this niche, employ dating offers strategically, analyze the target audience, and create effective creatives.

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