Case Study: Unlock 119% ROI on a Casino Offer in Bangladesh with Pop Traffic

Is it possible to gain up to 119 ROI per campaign on a casino offer via pop traffic?

From the case you’ll see that it’s not only possible, but also quite easy, especially with RichAds ad platform. Gambling offers are the ones that bring greatest profit to the platform’s clients — 40% of all campaigns there are related to the vertical.

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Case: Results and Overall Data

Ad format: Pop ads

Ad network: RichAds

Impressions: 13 323 845

Registrations: 56 824

FTD: 1420

Spend: 30766

Revenue: 51141

Profit: 20376

ROI total: 66% (the best campaign ROI - 119%)

Period: 15 August to 17 October (64 days)

Getting started

RichAds’ client has already had positive experience with running popunder ads with the platform, so he decided to test this format again. The reason for choosing a casino offer in Bangladesh was the same — he has already worked with it.

To be exact, he decided to test a new offer from the Yellana CPA network. It was a casino offer named Lotto Agent. The main goal there was an FTD but the client also took into account the registrations to optimize the ad campaign. The CPA cost was $36.

Step#1. Choosing an offer

Selecting a suitable offer is not usually an easy task, as everyone’s goal is to actually earn money, not waste them, that’s why it’s crucial to gather some data about the GEO and exact product in advance.

Thanks to RichAds analytics inside the campaign, this process becomes a lot easier. They provide access to information about what percentage of users use a certain browser language or carrier in a specific country in a campaign setup.

The client did a simple math here — Bangladesh’s main language is Bengali but the English language is widely used. What is more, in regions like India and Bangladesh, English proficiency generally means higher revenue, which means that traffic will convert better into signups and deposits.

So, due to RichAds data, the marketer analyzed how many users in Bangladesh use the browser in English and how many in Bengali (87% and 8%) and decided that the ad platform had enough traffic to test the English-language offer.

That was the first and foremost reason why the marketer chose a casino Lotto Agent, that uses the English language.

Important note: Yellana gives $36 for the first deposit. This means that to make the advertising campaign break even, you need to get registrations at $0.9. Yellana’s manager reported an average conversion from reg to deposit of 1 to 40. This gap between registration and deposit is due to the GEOs peculiarities, as there are a lot of poor people and bonus hunters, and the product — lack of Bengali language.

Step#2. Selecting the best landing page

Obviously, the only creative materials possible for pop ads usage are landing pages, so to gain the best results the client did some market analysis and the highest popularity in the region for popunder traffic showed:

simple LP,

wheel on the LP,

registration form on the LP.

That is why he decided to test several approaches and chose the spin wheel and registration form pages among the others the affiliate network offered.

Step#3. Setting up the campaigns

The client started with 2 ad campaigns to test these 2 landing pages: one ad campaign with the wheel, the other with the registration form.

RichAds allows one landing page per popunder ad campaign.

Setup details:

The client chose a manual CPM strategy for the start.

These 2 ad campaigns were run on mobile traffic, and English was chosen as a browser language.

They started with a daily budget of $150.

They set up 2 visits per day per user to not annoy potential clients.

The client got the whitelist of sources provided by the manager.

Step#4. Analyzing the process of launching

The client tried various strategies throughout his testing to improve the results and get the most of his offer, there were 4 stages of launching, to be precise.

Let’s have a closer look at each of them and the outcome he got from the stages.

Manual CPM campaign start

As you remember the marketer ran 2 ad campaigns to test 2 landing pages: one ad campaign with the spin-wheel, the other with the registration form.

On the screen below, you can see the results after 10 days. It’s crucial to note that the campaign’s bid was $1,7 in this period which is less than the average bid for this GEO at the moment, and the daily budget was $150.

Manual CPM campaign analysis

After 10 days of testing the campaigns, the affiliate decided to raise the bid, from $1.7 to $2.5. This strategy allowed him to both get more traffic and target a fresher audience.

What is more, he raised the daily budget from  $150 to $250.

He ran ad campaigns for 12 days in these conditions.The strategy of the higher bid allowed them to make their ad campaign profitable and increase conversion from impressions to registrations.

His results can be seen in the screenshot below:

After getting these results they decided to stop these 2 ad campaigns and came to the manager asking what more could be done.

Performance mode testing

RichAds manager suggested starting ad campaigns with the other type of optimization flow —  Performance mode instead of the Manual CPM that was used before.

Let’s briefly understand what this exact optimization feature is. It allows the system to automatically update the whitelists each day, which in most cases leads to conversions increase. But you still can optimize the ad campaign by yourself.

The client copied his 2 ad campaigns and applied the Performance mode for both of them. He started with the middle bids to track the impact of this new feature on his campaign. So the starting CPM was $1,7, the daily budget was $200. This stage worked for 11 days.

Bids scaling and analysis

Finally, the affiliate decided to increase the bid up to $2,5 and the daily budget up to $400.

After 10 days of running, he decided to pause the ad campaign with LP with the registration form.

He noticed that Performance mode increased the conversion rate for both ad campaigns but the one with a wheel on the landing page was more promising, so it continued to run for another 31 days.

Step#5. Summing up the results

Let’s sum up the results the client got!

He ran the Lotto Agent offer for Bangladesh. This offer was provided by Yellana CPA network. The offers main goal was deposits and CPA was $36 but our client also tracked registrations.

The total ROI for all ad campaigns was 66%, the highest ROI of one campaign — 119%.

The flow he used:

He launched 2 ad campaigns to test 2 LP on Manual CPM strategy. He set up lower than average bid at first.

After 10 days of campaigns running he raised the bid to make it higher than average and the daily budget. This strategy gave him good results but he wanted to make them better.

Then he launched 2 ad campaigns with Performance mode. The strategy was the same: he used a lower bid at first.

When he saw that the LP with registration form performed worse than the other, he stopped that ad campaign. For the best one he raised the bid and daily budget. This ad campaign gave him 119% ROI as a result.

Basically, Performance Mode campaigns show better results as they require less time and effort on optimization and give a wonderful opportunity to just sit back and get the most of your campaigns with just a periodic analysis.

Due to the function and a bit of scailing, the marketer got profitable results that can be seen below.

Final results:

Impressions: 13 323 845

Registrations: 56 824

FTD: 1420

Spend: 30766

Revenue: 51141

Profit: 20376


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