The case we would like to share with you today refelcts the great match between Mirelia’s CPM traffic and ClickLoop’s new affiliate program.

  • Traffic sources: Mirelia Networks
  • Advertising format: Banners (Display)
  • Draining period: 07/02/2022 - 07/10/2022
  • Affiliate program: ClickLoop
  • Vertical: Adult Dating
  • Brands: EZ-Hookup, SwipeSext, FreeFlirtz
  • Program: JackPot (Pay per CC submit)
  • Spent: $4720.28
  • Received: $7001.68
  • Profit: $2281.40
  • ROI: 48.33%

ClickLoop and Mirelia Networks have a long-standing, reliable partnership for some time now, since both teams could be referred to as true veterans on the market. Mirelia is a direct advertiser and a traffic source with large quantities of HQ traffic, whilst ClickLoop has its own products in all primary adult verticals (Games, Dating, Cams, etc.), and their own CC processing. Both companies operate worldwide, however, the strongest and most profitable GEO is still the US, with its premium traffic, thus, the case would reflect the number made in this particular GEO.

The reason for this case was a release of ClickLoop’s new affiliate program called JackPot, that did particularly well in combination with Mirelia’s US dating traffic. The program pays the same high rates for any valid CC submitted after registration. No other restrictions apply, such as the minimum age of the user, minimum hold amount, etc.. CC must be valid, that is all. Although, it is rather aggressive, it also clearly demonstrates a stable daily EPC, thus making it a great choice from the list of other programs, where EPC is usually quite volatile.

The key to success in this case study was selecting the top 3 brands (EZ-Hookup, SwipeSext, and Free Flirtz) on the JackPot program and choosing corresponding short landers, to ensure great conversion through the landing page without loosing much audience there. As a general rule for CPM campaigns, it is always essential for the banner to match landers with the advertised products. This was not an exception, the selected banner was milfs related and in GIF format.

Despite a slow start, the test worked equally well almost at all times, with only a couple of irregular periods. For the purposes of commercial secrecy, both, the exact banners and landing pages would remain hidden. However, below, you could see the stats that resemble the final results of testing in the ClickLoop platform and the DSP statistics, which are rather impressive.

The test has not stopped yet and remains running at the moment when the case was published. As always, in affiliate marketing you need to find a right combination of traffic and offer, coupled with correct targeting settings and a banner to ensure great result. Keep testing and it will most certainly pay off.

If you need a traffic for your tests, and you run dating offers for Tier1 English-speaking GEOs, Mirelia Networks could become your favorite source and a long-term partner.

If you with to get your hands on adult-related offers (dating, adult games, cams, etc.) and test how it all works yourself, ClickLoop will be able to help you in this direction.

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