CASE: $14,124 profit in one month promoting crypto offer with native ads

Hey everyone! I've been doing affiliate marketing in the crypto niche for about a year now. In this article, I'll share a strategy that resulted in a profit of over $14k with a 138% ROI in crypto within a month.

After another storm in Google Ads resulting in a blocked account and lost funds, I began exploring other options since launching campaigns on Google was no longer possible. In search of alternative traffic sources, I came across a case involving native ads and decided to give it a try.

How it started:

Vertical: Crypto
Traffic source:
Campaign dates: 01.03.2024–31.03.2024

Campaign settings:
Geos: Romania, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia
Device types: All
Time targeting: No restrictions
Categories: All
Tracker: Keitaro
Domains: Domain zones pro / site / shop / com. Changed depending on geo and traffic drop in some geos every hour, in others changed daily.

How it ended:

Total leads: 234
Spent: $10,175.73
Revenue: $24,300.00
Profit: $14,124.27
ROI: 138.8%

Average cost per lead by country:
RO: $45
FI: $35
BE: $60
SI: $30

Average approval rate:
RO: 16%
FI: 7%
BE: 11%
SI: 17%

Now I'll tell you more about the campaign.

Traffic source:


Since it was my first time working with a native network, I had to first dive into the specifics of this new format for me. A few key points to highlight:

  • No need to use cloaking, as the moderation appeared to be quite loyal. Thanks to this, I was able to save on consumables (proxies, cloaking services, accounts).
  • Native ads are not blocked by ad blockers, which is a great benefit.

Geo selection:

I consulted with network managers to get data on traffic and rates. After calculating the possible outcomes, I chose Romania, Belgium, Finland, and Slovenia.

Teaser approach:

I selected teasers from categories no lower than R, as advised by the manager, because they are allowed on most sites and provide good reach.

To access a lot of traffic, I maintained 20-30 teasers per geo each day, adding 10-15 new ones daily. In the creatives, I used celebrity emotions (the brighter, the better), direct speech in texts, and photos of money with celebrities. There are hardly any restrictions on creatives.

For finding celebrities by geo, I used: Google Trends (comparing search requests, e.g., TOP-5 stars of Romania), ChatGPT, and spy services.

Examples of teasers:

Headline approach:

Scandals involving celebrities worked best in the headlines. For example: “Romanian courts filed a lawsuit against Florin Zamfirescu.”I used longer headlines than usual, especially in campaigns targeting Romania, due to the long names of local celebrities.

However, I don't recommend using promises of free money. In the past, I had issues with such headlines because they have high CTR but very low conversion rates, indicating they attract an audience looking for freebies.

Campaign progress:

Testing took 5 days and $250.
The average bid per geo ranged from $0.10 to $0.25, aligning with the highest rates for each region.

The campaign demonstrated results within the first month:


A profit of $14k+ is not the limit in the crypto vertical. It's important at the start to spend time selecting offers, creating clickable creatives, and choosing the right traffic source. It's quite challenging to find a source for crypto that doesn’t require cloaking. In this regard, native ads saved a lot of resources. The moderation of creatives was fairly quick, which simplified launching and testing ads. In my experience, this method produced a record result, and I plan to scale it. I'm planning to take on new geos, test new offers, and monitor top bids in different geos.

Case recommendations:

  • Target a wider audience. This will allow you to achieve maximum reach and quickly gather the necessary analytics.
  • Keep the most converting placements. After the test period, create your blacklist for new campaigns.
  • Keep the campaign dynamic by launching a new group of ads every day and adding 10-20 teasers to it.

For creatives and landing pages, I recommend the following:

  • Use the “pre-lander + lander” combination to track the drop-off rate of people reaching the page.
  • Creatives featuring celebrities have proven effective for crypto offers.
  • Avoid overly long texts and promises of free money.

This case study was written by Vsevolotraff