Best elite proxies for different tasks. AWM proxy review.

Proxies are used for different purposes. For example, ordinary users need them to remain anonymous and to visit websites that are banned in a particular country. Marketers need proxies for SEO, to post reviews on different websites, social media management or web scraping.

At the time of writing this review, elite anonymous proxies are considered the safest. They hide the client's real IP, and the website that processes the request cannot see that there is an intermediary — a proxy server — between the site and the user's connection.

This gives you complete anonymity on the one hand, and on the other the traffic source will see you as a regular user.

If you want a reliable proxy for a reasonable price, you should look out for companies that have been on the market for a long time and have proven their quality many times before. For example, awmproxy.

What are the benefits of awmproxy

All proxies are elite. This means that they are not defined as proxies. All awmproxy proxies are IPv4 and support all protocols: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP and HTTPS.

The company owns all its proxies. It means that only service users have access to these proxies. Moreover, the proxy list of IP addresses is huge and constantly updated.

Proxies are selected according to their purposes. In rates of the company you will find proxies that are suitable for different purposes: mailing, Google and Instagram or universal proxies. You don't need to test which proxies suit you most: the service has already done that for you. In each rate you will find recommendations from the service which proxies to choose depending on your goals.

Proxies from different countries. The company offers elite anonymous proxies from all over the world. On a separate page of the AWM proxy website, you can see how many proxies and from which countries are online at the moment.

Special offers. If you buy a subscription for 3 months or more, there will be a discount on certain rates.

For example, proxies for Google and Instagram for 30 days will cost $900. If you buy a 90-day subscription, you'll get a 15% discount and the cost will be $2,295. And if it's for 180 days, the discount will be 25%.

The service has its own support team who will answer your questions and help you if you have any difficulties with proxies.

Free public proxy access. AWM proxy provides free access to public proxies. They are available in a separate tab on the company's website. Such proxies do not require authorization and have no restrictions on traffic or purpose.

However, the speed of such proxies will decrease as the number of users increases. Also, they are not suitable for serious tasks

How to start using AWM proxy

Step 1: Sign up on the website

You have to fill in a short form and come up with a password.

Step 2. Choose a rate

The service comes with a wide range of rates depending on your goals and needs.

Currently, the service has six rates:


This is a special rate for new users who have not previously used the service. You will have up to 40,000 private proxies and 4,000 concurrent connections.


Suitable for those who don’t need too many proxies, but all of them are needed for different tasks. You will have up to 12,000 private proxies and 350 simultaneous connections.


Gives you access to 20,000 private proxies with up to 2,000 connections at once. These proxies are perfect for Facebook.


You will receive up to 200,000 proxies and be able to make up to 4,000 simultaneous connections. The proxies will be suitable for all purposes except Instagram.

«Google & Instagram»

With this rate, you'll have no limit on the number of requests you can make to Google, YouTube, reCAPTCHA and Instagram. You will have up to 20,000 proxies and 4,000 simultaneous connections.


Suitable for those who are engaged in mailing. You will have access to the entire proxy database and up to 4,000 simultaneous connections.

Choose the rate that suits you best and pay for it.

Step 3: Enter your IP

After the service receives the payment, you will have to enter your IP. Enter the IP of the device from which you are planning to use the proxy.

Features of working with awmproxy

Some users do not read the instructions on how to start the proxy and, as a result, they experience problems when running the proxy.

To make sure you don't have such problems, let's go over the main points.

  1. Enter your IP in your account

    If you do not do this, the proxies will not work

  2. Update the proxies list every 10 minutes

    As the proxy list is refreshed by 3% every 10 minutes, don't forget to refresh them at the same interval.

  3. Do not exceed the number of simultaneous connections

    The maximum number of simultaneous connections is set in your tariff plan. For example, with «Basic» rate, you may have 350 simultaneous connections. On other tariffs, streams are reduced automatically.

  4. Configure your proxies correctly

    The service recommends these settings in the software:

    Type —SOCKS5

    Timeout —30 seconds

    Number of streams —depends on tariff. From 350 to 4 000.

AWM Proxies will be suitable for different tasks.

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