,, and affiliate offers special!

Hey guys!   My name is Alex and I have some news I'm eager to share with you. Our company has recently acquired casual dating sites (such as,, and from Cupid plc, including the respective affiliate offers. We are happy to welcome new affiliates joining our program and are excited to announce two hot promotions.   First, those affiliates who are used to working on the revenue share basis and get a life-time commission can now run our new revenue share offers that pay 60% of ALL first-time AND recurring payments that they bring us. That's right: as long as your users pay on our sites you get 60% of their payments!   Second, those affiliates who prefer PPS model can enjoy the special offer for US, CAN, UK, AUS and FRA traffic:     -  those affiliates who can send us 5+ sales/day get +10% to our regular PPS rates     -  those affiliates who can send 10+ sales/day get +20% to the regular PPS rates (please find the list of the        regular qualifying PPS rates at the bottom of this post)   Finally, those affiliates who like to be paid per lead can still work with us on PPL basis too. Right now we're paying up to $15 per DOI registration, so you can become an affiliate who enjoys this or even higher rate.   Just a few more important things to remember:     -  we buy web and mobile traffic     -  we offer weekly payments to those affiliates who can earn at least $2k/week in commissions or bi-monthly        payments to those who make at least $1k/week     -  you can earn even more with our referral program: we pay 5% of ALL revenues made by other affiliate        referred by you   We are currently buying traffic from the following countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, and India. Affiliates from ANY country are welcome to join the network!  
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  Questions? Need help or more details? Please post your message below or contact me via email [email protected]   Please note. Our special PPS offer works only for the offers below for the US, CAN, UK, AUS and FRA traffic. The basis rates that are used to calculate your special promo rate (+10% or +20%) are the following: AU    $112 CA    $112 FR    $152 UK    $136 US    $96 m. UK    $180.00 m. AU    $150.00 m. FR    $139.00 m. CA    $139.00 m. US    $103.00 UK    $188.00 AU    $138.00 CA    $130.00 US    $91.00 UK    $154.00 AU    $120.00 CA    $97.00 US    $87.00