A new way to earn online. Surveys from MyLead

All MyLead users share the desire to make money online. Some prefer to become virtual sellers and promote CPS programs, whereas others profit from the CPA model by enticing recipients with a new online game in which passing the first level is sufficient. Some devote their time to the difficult but profitable promotion of cryptocurrency programs, whereas others prefer to devote their time to developing effective dating program promotion strategies.

All of these groups are driven by the desire to make money online. And each of them has been given a new chance to make some extra cash. The MyLead Surveys are finally here.


How can I get access to surveys?

For a while now, each MyLead user has had access to a new tab labeled Surveys.

You will be taken to a completely different panel after clicking the tab. The survey terms and conditions, as well as a FAQ section, will be displayed. To gain access to the available surveys, you must first accept the regulations.

Good job! MyLead now offers you a new way to make money online!

How to work with the Surveys?

After agreeing to terms, you will see a list of all currently available surveys, as well as the rate, which will be transferred to your MyLead account as soon as you’re done with filling out the survey. Several criteria, including execution time, rate, and rating, can be used to select the survey.

After selecting and clicking "Go to the survey," you are ready to start.

Enter your actual age instead of the year you were born when asked for your age.

As soon as each survey is done, the money will be added to your MyLead balance. It is important to note, however, that the first surveys may be just “tests”, which means you may not be compensated for them. Some surveys also involve additional verification on the surveyor's part. In this case, the remuneration may take some time to appear on your account.

Interested in getting started with Surveys right away?

Earned funds appear as accepted funds on the dashboard, and a campaign called "Survey" makes it appear in the "Statistics" tab. The money earned for completing surveys is merged with the money earned for promoting affiliate programs, and withdrawals are handled in the same fashion as before.

We place a high value on honesty. As a result, you will get remuneration only if your responses are truthful. Your survey responses are carefully analyzed and compared by our algorithm. When they are significantly different, your quality suffers. If you focus on completing the surveys diligently, your credibility in the eyes of the researcher increases. And that will result in more surveys and higher rates.

What are Surveys about?

The survey questions cover a broad variety of topics. You'll be asked about customer expectations, ad campaign effectiveness, and transaction service quality are among the marketing topics covered, as are job markets and investment points of view.

You will see closed-ended or open-ended questions.

Anything else?

You can take the survey on your own or accept the invitation sent to you based on your IP address and user agent. You may receive up to a dozen invitations per month, depending on how frequently you complete the surveys. Keep in mind that the number of accepted invitations, i.e. completely completed surveys, as well as the quality of your responses, will have an impact on the intensity of invitations. Some surveys may require permission to be approached and sent marketing materials from third parties in order to be accessed.

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