922S5Proxy: Enjoy a seamless and unrestricted online network experience

922S5Proxy provides real, clean IP addresses in various locations around the world. With a simple and intuitive user interface, you can easily manage and use your proxy list. Use more than 200 million+ ethical residential IP addresses to break through IP blocking, geo-restrictions and verification codes, enjoy safe, fast and reliable proxy services, and easily manage accounts, collect data, and access localized information.

Why choose 922S5Proxy?

922S5Proxy is not only affordable, but also excels in speed, link stability and security. Here are some key reasons to choose 922Proxy:

Global Coverage: 922S5Proxy has more than 200 million residential IP addresses in more than 190 countries, ensuring that you can access the resources you need from around the world.

Price Advantage: The cost per IP can be as low as $0.045, and only valid IPs are charged, which is much more cost-effective than other IP providers.

Regular Updates: The IP pool is updated regularly to ensure the purity and availability of IPs.

Multiple Usage Methods: proxy management applications,user&password authentication, IP whitelist, API function

Multiple Devices Online: support multiple devices online at the same time to meet the needs of different devices.

Support ISP - Level Targeting: support country/state/city/ISP-level positioning, precise geolocation function to help users perform tasks in specific areas.

Only charge for valid IP: IP 99.9% available, invalid IP is free to ensure that users' money is spent on effective services.

Support API function: provide flexible API interface to facilitate developers to integrate proxy services.

Support anti-detection browser, proxy tool, simulator integration: easily realize multi-account operation and improve efficiency.

922S5Proxy operation and experience

922S5Proxy's software system operation is very simple, even novices can quickly get started. It is used in conjunction with fingerprint browsers (such as Adspower, Bitbrowser, Gologin, etc.), and only simple settings can achieve multiple accounts on one machine, which improves efficiency and saves costs. Now download and experience

Provide reliable proxy solutions

ISP Proxy: billing according to the number of IPs. The choice of most users. The purity reaches more than 99.8%, the IP online time is about 12 hours+, and the bandwidth and terminal are not restricted.

Rotating residential proxy: billed according to traffic (GB). Unlimited concurrent sessions, unlimited number of IPs, support for random and fixed sessions.

Unlimited residential proxy: unlimited number of IPs and traffic usage, real residential IP resources, support for random and sticky rotation

Static residential proxy: real residential IP, stable and reliable, suitable for users who need IP to be online for a long time

Limited time offer and service guarantee

At present, 922S5Proxy offers a limited time offer, giving away an additional 400 IPs for free, which is very affordable. The proxy balance is valid for life in the account, with no expiration date, so that users can use it with confidence. In addition, 922S5Proxy also provides professional customer support to ensure that users can get timely help during use.

Application scenarios of 922S5Proxy

922S5Proxy is suitable for a wide range of business scenarios, including:

Data collection: Efficiently and stably crawl data from different websites.

E-commerce: Conduct market research and price monitoring on a global scale.

Social media marketing: Manage multiple accounts to improve marketing results.

Ad verification: Verify the effect and location of advertising.

SEO monitoring: Monitor search engine rankings and optimize SEO strategies.

Brand protection: Protect brands from counterfeiting and infringement.


If your business requires high-quality proxy services, 922S5Proxy is undoubtedly the best choice. Its excellent speed, stability and security, combined with highly competitive prices and flexible functions, make 922S5Proxy the most trusted SOCKS5/HTTP proxy service on the current market. 

Whether you need data collection, market research or advertising verification, 922S5Proxy can provide you with the best proxy solution to help you save costs and improve efficiency.

Visit 922S5Proxy official website now to experience and enjoy unparalleled proxy services!