Zeydoo is sharing a profitable Fin survey case!

CPA-network Zeydoo is sharing a valuable fin survey case study. If you want to earn more profit with less effort then stay tuned!

Affiliate Network: Zeydoo

Traffic source: Push.House

Ad Format: Push notifications

Campaign period: 01.01.2021 - 17.02.2021

Offer: 1203 Fin Survey

GEO: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

Profit: $287

ROI: 37%

First of all, we have to start with looking for the following details:

  • Extraordinary traffic source
  • The most appropriate GEO
  • Great creatives

Someone might say the rates are too small, but actually that is not the case. Such payouts are decent for African countries, moreover the flow is really simple. The offer suggests that users complete a simple survey and then redirected to the “Thank you” page.


We were sending our traffic to 10 different countries, at the same time trying more than 20 different creatives to understand what is the best GEO. Finally, we’ve chosen these three African countries and the perfect creatives that gave us the best results.


Nigeria - $0.052

Kenya - $0.086

South Africa - $0.160

We haven’t used a pre-lander, but actually if you use a solid one, you can increase your stats even more!

Landing pages:

Before launching a Push campaign, we’ve chosen an OS and Android OS 8-9-10-11.


ОS: Android

OS Version: 8-9-10

Browser: Chrome

Languag: All

City: All

Operator: All

After clarifying the GEOs, we left only English language and big cities. We also set the appropriate budget.

Moreover, we changed the creatives every week and every few days we added blacklists. If you’d like to double your ROI, we advise you to do this even more often. The campaign lasted for 6 weeks.

To sum up, everything was really simple! You just need to be attentive and monitor the budget, as well as add some more traffic when needed. If we saw that the results were getting worse, we worked with the creatives, changed things around a little, replicated the campaign, and launched it again.

We actually could divide the campaign by unique users, but to make it easier and faster, we sent several thousand clicks to those users that had already been converted or potentially had seen the ad before.

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