Why Hyper6 Designs? The Best Converting Landing Pages In The Business

Hyper6After working for 15 years in the online graphic design business, Hyper6 has designed websites for hundreds of clients. Our clients keep returning for more because they know Hyper6 has perfected the fine art of landing page design. We design websites that please the eye, but success is about more than just beauty. A landing page skillfully designed to optimize conversions, with clear, benefits-heavy information about your product or service, is crucial to the success of your campaign. If you decide to skimp in these areas, it's gonna cost ya. Here's why. A landing page is your calling card, the "face" you show visitors when they arrive at your site. With competition in most niches increasing by the day, it's important that your site have highest performance designs to convert your offer. The ugly truth is people are lazy. They will decide in a split second if your website is of interest, and don't want to work hard at sorting out the offer. If you don't grab their interest from the get-go, they'll be gone long before they'll take action. If your visitor doesn't immediately understand the offer... if the site design is hard to navigate or doesn't engage... or if it's downright ugly... you have lost them. Your sales page has several important jobs to do: it's meant to attract attention, engage the visitor, persuade them, and gently but firmly guide them towards the payment page. If the landing page sucks, they'll move along to the next shiny thing. Oh, and by the way: You get just one shot at doing this right. Once you lose them, your visitor will most likely not return. Hyper6 clients have earned millions of dollars running offers using our designs. We know all the tricks to customer engagement and conversion, and apply this knowledge to every site we design. Success does not necessarily belong to the promoter with the gaudiest designs or the flashiest graphics. Glitz without quality and skill is the way of amateurs. Because we like to engage with people who care about quality designs, here are a few landing page conversions tricks we've learned over the past 15 years: Use bullet points lists - they expand on the headline to present more benefits quickly with little effort from the reader. Have a conversion (or BUY NOW) button above the fold - don't make your visitor work hard by forcing them to scroll to the middle or (gasp!) the bottom of your page to make a purchase. As a reminder: people are lazy. Place a conversion button at the bottom - if you're copywriter is really, REALLY good (we know of one), the reader was fully engaged and read the copy to the end. Don't make lazy customer return to the top of the page to buy your product. Use graphics that are visually appealing, but don't overwhelm the product. This is where some people lacking refined design skills mess up. Again, your site should be optimized to feature the product best, and not resemble a scene from Mardi Gras. We know many more tricks, but would rather show you than tell you here. Visit us at Hyper6 and take a look at our winning designs. Email, chat or call us for a free, no-obligation quote.