Why does the majority of affiliates and advertisers choose Rainmaker?

In search of a relevant offer? Trying to find a universal solution for traffic from various sources? Well, then you best brace yourself for interacting with dozens of affiliate programs… Or simply start working with Rainmaker. That’s because this network has everything affiliate marketing has to offer. And that’s not only hundreds of offers across various verticals.

One solution for all parties

In affiliate marketing, both parties face problems. The affiliates are preoccupied with selecting the right offers to monetize their traffic. Companies focus on searching for the relative sources of target leads. However, both parties can find what they’re looking for only in Rainmaker.

Here’s why:

  • The affiliate network works with a large number of verticals – One? Two? Rainmaker covers a whole twelve affiliate niches. Its catalog features offers from verticals, like gambling, finance, sweepstakes, astrology, dating, etc.
  • A huge amount of offers – The Affiliate network’s catalog features over a thousand offers from different verticals. That said, each ad offer is carefully honed at monetizable GEOs. Long-term A/B testing definitely played its part in that. That’s why the offers of this ad network bring the affiliate more income than its competitors.
  • A variety of payment options – always had a dream of promoting an online casino via CPA, but haven’t come across an affiliate network offering such conditions? Then welcome to Rainmaker. This affiliate program supports all types of payment methods.

  • Personalized approach – Rainmaker makes a point of having a personalized approach to each of its clients. And this concerns not only having a personal manager. The affiliate program is always ready to offer the best conditions to its suppliers of large-quantity, high-quality traffic. In turn, this guarantees brands a constant flow of target traffic to their platforms.
  • No need for trafficback – this affiliate network is a real panacea for publishers whose resources generate traffic for diverse themes. Here, every lead (even ones with the most exotic needs) will find his offer that satisfies his every need.
  • Affiliate marketers are more than welcome – Rainmaker accepts every type of traffic. The source can be email, search, social or In-APP. That’s why it’s up to the affiliate to choose the traffic source.
  • Even if you're a beginner – Rainmaker is a large player in the affiliate market. But unlike its competitors, Rainmaker welcomes all webmasters, old and new, experienced and newbies. They only have to complete a simple registration form and confirm their profile via email to become an affiliate.

Collaborating with Rainmaker is very simple!

However, Rainmaker’s functionality is much more complicated

An ad campaign’s effectiveness doesn’t solely depend on flexible terms of cooperation of a well-presented offer. Every webmaster needs a set of professional tools to get high conversion indicators. The personal account of every webmaster is full of these:

  • Statistics section that allows to segment data about companies according to dozens of indicators – every report has an extended system of filters.

  • Data import to third-party analytical platforms – Rainmaker provides a specialized API to do this .

  • POSTBACK and third-party tracker support – this guarantees high accuracy and relevance for the campaign statistics aggregated by the Rainmaker system.
  • Developing promotional content, selecting more effective bundles, promo translation, technical assistance – this is a small part of what the affiliate network support team helps its advertisers with.

Collaborating with Rainmaker is simple and easy… Most importantly, it is profitable for both parties, affiliates and advertisers. That’s because it outperforms its competitors in terms of capabilities and reach. This is why thousands of webmasters and affiliates choose Rainmaker!