Where to get source materials for creatives in adult-nutra: a creative specialist explains

We noticed that some webmasters face a problem: they can't figure out where to find images/videos/gifs for banners on adult-nutra. For some, the answer to this question is obvious, while for others, it's not.

In this question, we were helped by Nastya KOS CREOS, a creative designer with 1,5 years of experience. Nastya works with various platforms and verticals, including the nutra vertical. She has two channels: the main one where she posts creatives for all verticals, and the second one with creatives for gambling.

So if you've run out of ideas on where to find materials for adult creatives, this article is for you. It doesn't matter which source you're using, whether it's Facebook or adult networks.

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The main rule when creating creatives

Hello, Nastya. In our private conversation, you mentioned two main principles when searching for source materials. Please share them.

Hello. Yes, before we get into the main part, I want to voice the two main rules when searching for source materials: 

When you find a source with source materials, either save it for later or explore it immediately – you might discover many more source materials.

For example, if you find a suitable video on TikTok, open the profile and see if there's anything else there. This way, you'll gather a package of source materials, and next time, you'll spend less time creating creatives.

And the second:

Don't use the first images from Google or videos from adult websites.

They've all been used a thousand times already.

Where to get images

Some arbitrageurs face the problem of not knowing where to get images for adult-nutra creatives. Where do you get your images?

Before creating creatives, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the mentality of the region/GEO you plan to target, i.e., understanding the audience's characteristics. Typically, it's better not to create flashy creatives with models; instead, use simple everyday photos of girls, girl + guy (older man).

Also, decide on the approaches you plan to use. Of course, it's best to use different approaches for one offer, test them, and then base your decisions on the creative (or creatives) that yield the best results and engagement.

Among the main approaches, you can highlight: 

  • product-focused;

  • teaser;

  • medical;

  • news or TV show. 

We are a direct nutra advertiser in Poland and the Czech Republic and have expertise in running campaigns in these GEOs. Reach out to our ProfitPay managers, and they will provide advice on running campaigns and effective approaches to creatives and prelanders.

If you decide to create creatives on your own, you can consider the following sources for finding source materials.

SPY services — base

These are online platforms for monitoring and analyzing advertising on various platforms.

I mainly use the well-known spy service called Adheart. It contains a vast amount of materials from which you can draw ideas for creating creatives. You just need to fill in the fields (everything marked below in the screenshot). Specifically, the “in the domain zone” field, where you enter the following string:


Next is the placement platform: Facebook. Choose the type of media content: “Image”, select the desired GEO targeting, and set “Countries until:” to 1. Then, you select the required teaser creation dates.

Thanks to all this data, the teaser output will be narrowed down to arbitrage creatives. All that's left for you to do is spend some time scrolling through the feed and finding the material that suits you, analyzing the creatives.

Here is an example of creatives output using the data I provided above

If you're looking for a free service, you can use Facebook's ad library. Or you can use Spyteg.com — it's also quite popular. In Spyteg, you'll find teasers and push ads. I won't go into detail on how to use these services, as there is already detailed information available on Google.


Marketplaces are also great for finding good source materials for adult creatives.  

Here, we can search for materials based on people's reviews who purchase various products.

For example, use a search query like “sexy lingerie” or “see-through lingerie”. Click on any product card with a reasonable number of reviews, and you'll get a ton of real photos that will work great for our creatives.

You can also try entering the query “penis enlargement” on the marketplace. If you search well, you might find some useful material that can be suitable for creatives: 


On this platform, you’ll find a ton of material that can be suitable for creating creatives for virtually any niche, including adult.

Use keywords like “sexy girl” or “beautiful girl”. The search results won’t disappoint you.

Search engines 

You can also use any search engine that you find convenient - Google, Yandex, etc. Don't underestimate them. The principle here is the same as with searching on Pinterest. You enter the query you need: “beautiful girl”, “sexy girl”:

You can also try simply entering “adult-nutra creatives” here. You will be provided with a lot of different information and other articles that will help you create your creatives: 

Telegram channels  

There are many Telegram channels with 18+ content. You can find them using keywords or on TGStat. There are dating channels, as well as many leaks of webcam and OnlyFans models. Advertising for such channels is often circulated in various chats/channels, especially those of a broader theme. For example, here is the “Adalt Dating” channel. There are many different photos here, and they can also be suitable for adult-nutra creatives:

Adult websites

To be even more explicit, a lot of material is taken from adult websites. Screenshots are taken from various videos, especially when a favorable angle is provided, directly from a first-person perspective.

As practice has shown, such creatives yield good results with high CTR because these images are not overused and stale.

However, as I mentioned earlier, don't take screenshots from the first videos you come across. Other arbitrageurs have already done that for you.

Where to get videos

What about videos and gifs for creatives? Where do you get them?

I don't make gifs, but I know that gifs are mostly taken from 18+ websites. Alternatively, videos are taken from there and manually converted to the GIF format.

You can also source material for videos from various sources.

Spy services

I'll repeat once again that I mainly use Adheart. I've already explained how to correctly fill in all the fields for the right output. The only thing is that in the "Media Type" and "Format" fields, you need to enter "Video." Also, scroll through the feed until you find the sources that suit you.

This also applies to the Facebook Ad Library. It's a completely free service.

Instagram and TikTok

A large number of source materials can be found on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Do you need to use any specific hashtags? How is your search process organized on Instagram and TikTok?

I don't use any special search queries - it's all about the time you're willing to spend scrolling through the feeds. By scrolling through the feeds of these social net

works daily, I often come across interesting videos that are perfect for creating adult creatives.




You’ll need to spend some time, but you’ll definitely find the material you need.

At ProfitPay, we not only provide advice on creatives but also help you find reliable sellers of resources. Contact our managers to get the contacts of trustworthy account sellers or card services.

Where it doesn't make sense to look for source materials

Where exactly does it not make sense to look for source materials for creatives? For example, before the appearance of shorts on PornHub, some of our acquaintances in the arbitrage world didn't use this source because there were long videos there. It’d be tiresome to cut out the necessary video fragments.

I wouldn't say that there is a platform where it wouldn't make sense to look for sources.

Any platform is a treasure trove of material, and with proper use, you can find suitable material anywhere. It all depends on the individual and how well they understand what they are doing and how much time they are willing to spend on it.

Searching for material is laborious work that sometimes requires a lot of time. Unfortunately, there's no way around it. Those who don't want to spend their time on it turn to designers for creative production. They already know where to find what they need and have their own database of specific sources.

What if you don't create creatives yourself?

Not all affiliates know how to use Photoshop, and they may not know how much it costs to modify or adapt creatives. Let's at least mention approximate figures so that people know what amount to consider reasonable.

What's a reasonable price for adapting a creative to a different GEO?

This is actually a very rare occurrence. I’d say that adaptations for nutra are never really ordered because there's not much sense in it. Everyone prefers new and unique creatives, which is quite understandable, as they typically yield much better results.

Nevertheless, if there is a question about prices, here are the rates for adaptation to adult-nutra:

  • Static: 2$; 

  • Video: 4$.

These prices should be quite reasonable for this type of work.

How much should you pay for creating creatives for adult-nutra? What would be a reasonable price?

Here, I can only speak for myself, but I'm also aware of average market prices. I work extensively with nutra offers and various teams involved in nutra campaigns. My prices are considered average in the market because I prioritize quality. I have a clear understanding of what I'm selling and the results it delivers. The price = to the quality. Therefore:

  • Static: 4,2$;

  • Video: от 9$. 

It all depends on the approach, and the complexity of the work can vary.

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