What's in Store for Betting in 2024

Hi everyone! Hey there, I'm Zachary Surov, Head of Affiliates at Alfaleads. Today, I want to dive into my predictions for the betting vertical in 2024. And let me tell you, brace yourselves because with the European Football Championship happening in the summer, we're in for quite a ride!

Traffic sources to watch out for in 2024 

Now, if we rewind to 2022, we were all running staggering volumes of ASO traffic. But in 2023, Google threw us a curveball with its updates, making this source less lucrative. In 2024, it's time to consider shifting to iOS or completely revamping our approach to promoting offers via applications. 

I'm betting big on the influencer trend gaining even more traction this year. And I expect to see a surge of alternative app stores. When it comes to FB and UAC, they've been written off countless times, but these powerhouses are still standing strong. 

SEO is now at the top and will only grow further. Just take a peek at the top players in the “Best Affiliate” category worldwide — you will see sizable SEO teams, some of which have expanded far beyond the affiliate marketing niche. Take one of our partners, Better Collective, a major international media conglomerate that's splurging millions on sports portals and is even listed on the Nasdaq.

Trendy GEOs 2024 

Last year, Africa has been making waves in the affiliate marketing scene. Both advertisers and affiliates are diving into this GEO by leaps and bounds. While many advertisers have been active in Africa sponsoring competitions and engaging with local teams and players, finding the right approach for profitability remains a challenge. 

Given the economic landscape, it's common for deposits to be as low as 10 cents. You can strike gold with high rollers, but a high roller in Africa is what we call an average player in Europe. 

Regardless, if you want to work with Africa, don't be discouraged by modest deposits. Firstly, the price of traffic is very low in this GEO. And secondly, the locals bet small sums, but they do it often — this makes for considerable accumulated deposits. We currently have a range of offers tailored for Africa that deliver solid conversion rates. It's worth exploring these opportunities.

While Africa will undoubtedly remain a focal point in 2024, Brazil will also be in the spotlight. As a major football powerhouse, Brazil offers immense potential for affiliate marketers. Additionally, Tier 1 countries, CIS, Eastern Europe, and Latam continue to show promising performance.

Sporting highlights in 2024 

While 2023 lacked major global events aside from the IPL, the upcoming Euro 2024 in Germany promises to be a game-changer! This large and vibrant competition will become a nice profit magnet for affiliate marketers.

The event is scheduled from June 14 to July 14, 2024, and while it may seem like a lifetime away, marketers who run ASO and SEO are already making headway with preparations. I'll gladly share the intricate details and strategies for preparing affiliates for the EURO 24 — reach out in direct messages!

I expect to see floods of traffic and also an unexpected champion, which is perfect for high RevShare deals. The potential for unexpected underdog victories like Croatia, Turkey, or Albania is there, you know. Such outcomes could result in significant profits for bookmakers, with a portion shared through lucrative RevShare agreements with affiliates. 

We've already begun gearing up for the tournament in January, and we encourage you to do the same. Events of this magnitude in the sports arena are not to be overlooked! If you're curious about our performance during the 2022 World Cup, check out our report (spoiler alert: our affiliates' average income grew by 3.5 times during the championship).

What's next? The outlook for the betting niche 

The global betting market continues its upward trajectory, reaching trillion-dollar volumes and setting new records annually.

Looking ahead, we anticipate increased regulation in countries where it's currently lacking. Brazil, for instance, has been in talks for two years, signaling imminent regulation. While regulatory restrictions may pose challenges for affiliates, a complete ban on sports betting is unlikely, since it's much more beneficial for the regulators to dip into this pool of wealth by collecting taxes. Instead, marketers will focus on navigating regulations while capitalizing on the industry's growth. 

In summary, the outlook for the betting industry remains positive. Buckle up, stay informed, and catch your profit from event-specific ad campaigns!

Zachary Surov — Head of Affiliates Alfaleads 

Reach out on Telegram: https://t.me/zakhar_alfa