Virtual cards for online-advertising. EPN — international payment service

EPN is an international multi-currency payment service. Thanks to the advantages offered by the EPN service when working with advertising systems, it has gained popularity among affiliates.

The service allows you to purchase an unlimited number of cards with US BINs.

The BINs on the cards are clear, so you won't have any problems topping up your FaceBook, Twitter, TikTok and Google Ads accounts, etc. Payments go smoothly in all advertising systems.

The EPN website interface is easy to use and intuitive. Available in 12 languages.

Benefits of the EPN service:

  • works with all major advertising platforms (FB, Google, Twitter etc.)
  • card issuance takes seconds and has no limits;
  • cards with US BINs (thanks to cooperation with US banks on the basis of an agreement and license);
  • no cap on deposits and spend;
  • instant funding;
  • replenishment with cryptocurrency;
  • low fees;
  • advertising networks' trust in maps;
  • privacy and security.

Note. There is a handy option:

Cards are issued for various payment systems.

You can choose:

  • VISA;
  • MasterCard.

Registration in a few clicks:

  • enter an email address;
  • create a password and repeat it in the next form field;
  • select a country from the list;
  • enter your telegram or skype login;
  • click "sign up”.

Buying cards

The EPN service offers two types of cards:

    1.Universal — with a payment of $ 15 per month;

Great solution for payments and purchases. Replenishment commission – 8%.

    2.Advertising — with a payment of $ 10 per month.

The most suitable option for replenishing advertising accounts. Commission - 6%.

How to get a card in a few minutes?

Step 1. In the “accounts” section, click on the “deposit”. On the “deposit” tab enter your BTC account details and the amount. Confirm your actions.

Step 2. Go to the “accounts” section again. As BTC is credited to your balance, you need to convert them to USD (tab "exchange").

Step 3. In the "cards" section, select one of the two card options.

Now you can use the card.

Now the card can be replenished with BTC.

Soon there will be an opportunity to replenish with USDT.

Technical support 24/7

If you have any questions regarding the operation of cards or problems with payments, please contact technical support:

EPN service specialists will provide prompt and qualified assistance around the clock.

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